Is Content Still King?

The saying has remained the same, the more content on your website the better. While this is still true the way we interpret this comment is changing. Gone are the days of pushing as much content to your website to ensure a higher ranking than your competitor. The focus is shifting to quality and not quantity. So what does this mean?

Content for SEO

Google likes authority websites when it is indexing accurate, up to date and credible content for the end user. Google has changed its algorithms in a way that it is smarter in the search results it delivers. It used to be true that the more content we dropped into our websites on a daily basis we would outrank our competitors based on the amount of content that is new.

That is no longer true, Google now returns results to a users search based on new content yes, but also what it perceives as the most relevant and credible materials.

The goal is that we want to source highly focused, relevant content for each of your most valuable keywords and keyword phrases. Instead of just churning out more and more new pages just for the sake of having new content, re-writing and updating existing pages as these pages may already be indexed and cached. Being conscious of keyword placement and density in the content, this will give Google a better understanding of what this new piece of content is about and will help the page get more immediate results.

Content to Conversion

Our focus when creating new content should be two-fold, we want to appease the search engine gods with the sacrifice of our time writing this new content;? we also need to ensure that we connect with our visitors. It is very easy to lose ourselves in the process of keyword placement, density, and SEO practices that in the end our most important audience is forgotten about – people.

High quality content starts with the understanding “people first” and what content is valuable to them and how to deliver that content. Content with your core audience in mind and making them feel comfortable will bring them back for more and start to recognize your content as reliable source of information and thought leadership.


Yes, content still is and will always be king – how we deliver that content is the game changing element that will set your website apart from your competitor. Remember, your audience are the ones who vote your content to the crown. Develop content with specific goals to serve your core audience; more content just for writing more content is no longer the strategy for this game of thrones.