You Looking at Me?

I am 100 percent a student at heart. I long for the days of hour-long college lectures spent dissecting nuances and gender deconstruction in Charlotte Bronte’s “Jane Eyre.” I still experience brief moments of frustration when I try to recall the difference between igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic geology rocks (as a marketer, science was certainly not my strong suit).

And I still wish I could find the time during a busy work week to meet a professor for “office hours” and sip coffee while I pick his/her brain about some esoteric psychology theory.

So making the recent decision to complete my Social Media Marketing professional degree at Purchase College was one of the easiest choices I made.

I love learning. I love social media. And I love following the social media strategies of my favorite brands. No brainer.

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How Publishers Deal With Marketers Who Produce Content


If you want examples of companies producing their own content look no further than this post from which discusses how media companies are adapting to a world where marketers become publishers. Some companies mentioned are Cisco, Intel and Red Bull. TMC CEO and Group Editor-in-Chief even detailed how President Obama and his team are content-creation machines.

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