Your Content Marketing Mantra for Today – ‘Let it Be’

let it beOver time, we have shifted from traditional marketing campaigns (i.e. mail-ins, door-to-door and print advertisement) to a world filled with competitive online strategies. It’s no surprise this move to the digital realm has shaken up the brand strategies of many. In fact, when recently asked what their current biggest marketing challenge was, 43 percent of marketers noted that they struggle with differentiating themselves in the marketplace and 29 percent reported that they experience difficulty defining target audiences.

Today marks the 43rd anniversary of the Beatles’ final album release, “Let it Be.” So, if you’re facing some corporate branding roadblocks, consider these words of wisdom for getting your name in the minds of your online audience. When it comes to content marketing strategy, let it be…

  • Memorable: Take time to carefully craft your message, tone and wording so that it truly resonates with your customers.
  • Consistent: A company whose brand bounces from voice to voice or topic to topic means its customers will too. Establish your niche when it comes to your strategy, fine-tune your message and tone, then most importantly, maintain it to establish a solid customer community.
  • Targeted: Once you build this community, get the pulse of your customers, which means more than just collecting demographics. Find out what makes them tick, garners their responses and elicits their excitement. This ultimately takes a group of strangers and gels them into a community of followers who identify you as a thought leader.
  • Relevant: Once you’ve secured your following, it’s time to keep them there. Craft fresh, relevant content and identify the right marketing channels to share them through.

Companies have been playing the marketing game for years, looking to bolster brand awareness, become a thought leader in the space, boost website traffic and increase lead generation, among other goals. Many are playing, but there’s only one way to win – content marketing.

And, just like any competitive game or sport, content marketing requires time, serious planning and strong ongoing effort. It’s not an end-all for achieving your business objectives. Sure, content marketing requires creativity, but it far surpasses this to include skilled systems and proven processes. It’s a separate entity of your business that many execs simply don’t have the time to implement, manage or maintain.

Bottom line: When it comes to content marketing, let it be handled by professionals who know how to get the job done.

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