Don’t Be the Pushy Salesman

You’ve experienced it a hundred times before – you walk into a store and are immediately bombarded by a slew of salespeople asking questions about what you’re looking for and directing you to their current promotion. Like most people, I want to immediately walk out.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you’ve probably experienced helpful sales staff. They let you take a minute to look around and settle in before approaching you and answer your questions not because they’re looking for a sale, but because they genuinely want to educate you about a product. I don’t know about you, but those are the brands I recommend to others and return to again and again.

Social media is the same way – your customers don’t change the way they want to be approached just because there’s now a screen between you. Screaming “SAVE 50% TODAY ONLY! Visit NOW!” is not going to cut it. Knowing your target audience and providing them with valuable content is much more likely to get you a more favorable response. If you position yourself as an industry expert, users will come to you for advice and may eventually purchase your products or services and recommend you to friends and colleagues.

Don’t feel like you need to hoard your techniques and info because you’ll let your company secrets out. Sharing these types of things only helps make you look more like an expert in your field. If you have great knowledge, share it on your blog and social media sites.

The point is – market with integrity and don’t be the pushy salesman…nobody likes the pushy salesman.

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