Don’t Forget The Sauce!

You have your shiny shoes on, crisp shirt freshly pressed, nice slacks and funky belt. She has on her silky dress, her shiny shoes and her swanky purse. You heard about a great new Italian restaurant owned by that famous TV chef and are anticipating experiencing what everyone is talking about. The talk of the town is their special; a must-have on the menu.  The critics have raved about it all week. As you walk up to the restaurant it is pulsing with energy.

From the exposed brick façade of the building to the dark wooden symmetrical tables lined up with candles to the mellow lounge house beats playing in the background, your surroundings are really making you excited and your senses are immediately awakened. It has been raved about in the news as being the coolest new restaurant in your area.

As you sit and look around, you casually wonder where the menu is. Your stomach is growling and you can just taste the special your friends have all told you about. You hold your date’s hand and are about to mutter some sweet words when suddenly, a waiter interrupts your conversation and says, “Sorry to let you know guys, but the world famous chicken parmesan risotto with our delicious homemade sauce is now gone.”

“What?,” you exclaim.  But, there is hope. He continues to offer you an alternative. “We do, however, have left over bread with butter.”

Forget it. You walk out.

All the anticipation, the expectations you had are now down the drain and chances are you will never go back.  The unavailability of the much anticipated homemade sauce is such a let-down.

Social media is now considered an avenue that is to be taken seriously as a way to both broadcast your business and to get the most eyeballs on your product at any given time.  From CMOs to CEOs to small business owners, they all see the importance of not only having one social media page, but to have multiple. But for every great social media page an even greater website has to back it. The issue is too many people hype up their product or service on social media. But, when it comes to down to it, their own business webpage is not that great or, worse yet, missing!  The inequality between pages is very off putting.

Make sure you tie those loose ends and not only revitalize your social media efforts but also revitalize your webpage branding and image and always, always remember never to run out of the ‘sauce’ of it all… content.