What Kind of Content Marketer Should You Be?

We all have a pretty set list of qualities we look for in future employees: dependable, inquisitive, passionate, intelligent, professional, charismatic… the list goes on and on.

shutterstock_109630661We sift through resumes, reading between the lines to figure out whether their previous work experience intimates that they are “A” team workers, go-getters, self-starters and team players. We dissect every word of their interview, wondering if they will fit nicely into our work culture, understand the nuances of our company offerings and become an integral member of the team.

Simply put, we want the best out of prospective and current employees.

But as a marketer, do you ever take a second to step back and evaluate what qualities you should be possessing to consistently push the creative boundaries for your company and invigorate your business’s marketing strategies? What qualities should you be possessing that perhaps you don’t when it comes to new marketing ventures?

The advent of content marketing—or the avant-garde strategy involving the origination and distribution of custom copy to increase brand awareness and drive profitability—has made all us marketers scratch our heads and ask, ‘Okay… how do I bring content marketing to my business? And, more importantly, what do I need to do to make sure these campaigns succeed?’

The answer: become the kind of content marketer who guarantees success by bringing the following qualities to the table.


Just as you wouldn’t tackle a marathon race without proper training or hold a 500-person webinar without practice, you should not enter the content marketing game without a strategy in place.  Ask yourself what you want to achieve with your content marketing strategy. Perhaps it’s augmenting your brand’s awareness. Maybe it’s establishing yourself as a thought leader in your respected space. Or maybe it is driving traffic to your site. Identify your purpose before you ever get started. Then, figure out where to distribute your story. For example, will you be using Facebook, blogging, your corporate website or podcasts? Check to see where your competitors are and where you industry tends to spend their time. That’s where you need to be.



The workplace can be filled with so much negativity—from trying to squeeze round pegs into square holes to trying to wear a fedora when you already have a top hat on. The key to content marketing success, though, is to remain optimistic. Become a “positive realist,” who believes in the optimal usage of all available options. This will allow you to see the big picture and to figure out the pit stops you need to make along the path to content marketing accomplishment. Content marketing can certainly be a daunting feat, but the “can’t do” mentality will cripple your strategy before you ever make it out the gate.



Content marketing success hinges upon your ability to responsibly embark on adventure. Worried about launching a Facebook campaign? Nervous about navigating the Pinterest boards? Wondering why 60 percent of companies already have a blog? Instead of consuming your energy—and time—with worry, focus on how to execute the most killer content marketing strategies you can dream of to edge out the competition. Don’t be afraid of failure. The beauty of content marketing is that you are not leaving all your eggs in one basket. Conversely, you are adopting an integrated marketing strategy, one that relies on a variety of communications vehicles to spread your message.


Most importantly, be a student. Take a look at what is happening around you. Figure out why Whole Foods’ “Whole Story” blog is being lauded by industry pundits for its effective marketing. Take a look at what your competitor is doing and try to determine why they get so much engagement with each and every Facebook post. The content marketing landscape changes each and every day, and just as you need to hire employees who are capable of growing with your business, you need to become a content marketer capable of evolving over time.

What are some of the qualities you think a content marketer should possess? We want to hear from you; please comment below!

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