Everything You Need to Know About Using Vine for Content Marketing – Part 1

vineVine – a mobile app acquired by Twitter back in October 2012 – has quickly made its way into our social media schedules and hearts. Whether it’s being used to propose to your significant other (yes, it’s happened) or being leveraged by a business looking to broaden its social media horizons, the app has exploded since its initial release on January 24, 2013. In fact, in less than five months since being introduced to the public, Vine not only became the most used video-sharing application on the market, but also the number one most downloaded free app within the iOS App Store.
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Wake Up!

We have all felt that moment during the work day at some point in our professional careers where we absolutely have to pull deep from within to keep our eyes open; we have all been so sleepy that it hurts. A variety of life events can be the reason for such daze including an all-nighter with a new born, staying up to watch the last inning, or perhaps just being under the weather.

Reasonable solutions to this sleepy state include pulling ourselves from our computer screens, getting up for a cup of coffee, splashing cold water on our faces, getting fresh air into our lungs, starting a conversation with a co-worker or even beginning a conversation with one’s self!  It definitely helps to reset our thoughts and refresh our bodies so that we can power through the rest of the work day. After all, talking to your self is better than doing a keyboard face plant and being caught sleeping on the job in the middle of the day oftentimes doesn’t go over well.

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Dear New York Yankees, I Like You, But Please Leave Me Alone

May 12, May 26, and June 1. What do these days have in common?

They’re the only days since May 1 that I’ve not received an email from the New York Yankees informing me of super sweet deals in their virtual store, telling me who the Bombers are playing that day at the stadium or even informing me about an upcoming soccer match that’s set to take place on its luscious outfield grass.


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Don’t Forget The Sauce!

You have your shiny shoes on, crisp shirt freshly pressed, nice slacks and funky belt. She has on her silky dress, her shiny shoes and her swanky purse. You heard about a great new Italian restaurant owned by that famous TV chef and are anticipating experiencing what everyone is talking about. The talk of the town is their special; a must-have on the menu.  The critics have raved about it all week. As you walk up to the restaurant it is pulsing with energy.

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What Content Marketers Can Learn from Today’s Hottest Celebrities

celebrityI don’t know why, but I love talking and hearing about celebrities. Maybe that’s because they’re everywhere we look; whether magazine flipping, channel surfing or driving around, we constantly see their faces sprawled across pages, smiling onscreen or plastered on billboards. And chances are you’re just like me. In fact, I bet the headline of this blog reeled you right in without you even knowing why. Maybe it’s a liking born out of habit. Maybe we’re unaware of our secret addiction. Maybe we’ll never know.

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An Employee Licks a Stack of Tacos – How Should Taco Bell Respond?

You do what you can to make sure your brand is portrayed in a positive light. But when an employee photographs himself doing something he shouldn’t while on the job—and then shares via social media—there’s no “undo” button.

The latest Taco Bell controversy has raised flags and made most of us think twice before eating at the fast food restaurant chain. If you haven’t heard about it yet, this photo of a Taco Bell employee licking a stack of taco shells has gone viral:


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Why Should I Outsource My Creative Content?

One of the most comical aspects of watching a Little League game is when a team runs out of pitchers. Some teams don’t even have one kid who can throw a strike, which makes watching a coach scratch his head while searching for someone—anyone—who can get the job done, even funnier.

Major League teams, however, don’t have this problem. There are rotations, and bullpens to relieve starters. You will rarely, if ever, see a position player run in from left field to pitch. While most Major Leaguers know how to pitch, it’s just not their job. An All Star, Triple Crown winner like third baseman Miguel Cabrera probably could take the mound if needed; but he shouldn’t ever have to. And even though he probably has done his share of pitching, it doesn’t mean he is good at it.

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Take a Cue from Cheerios in How to Handle Content Marketing Gone Wrong

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is truly priceless. Or at least, because of the rising ubiquity of content marketing methods, it is.

cheeriosCommercials are nothing new in the advertising foray (for some of us, they’ve been around as long as we can remember). In fact, some commercials are so wonderfully crafted that they remain ingrained in our memories forever. For example, Wendy’s 1984 “Where’s the Beef?” advertisement went on to become a widespread catchphrase in most of North America. And who can forget Apple’s iconic 1984 Super Bowl commercial, which introduced the Macintosh and made viewers swoon 25 years later? It is commercials like these that take brands and turn them into legends.

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Everyone Needs a Friend

“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”

If you are an ‘80’s baby, you definitely know this quote because the person associated with it was as soothing as a warm fuzzy blanket and those footy pajamas we all used to wear. “The Joy of Painting” was on PBS and was a hit for more than a decade. Well not really a hit for today’s TV standards, but definitely a great educational show.

“Gotta give him a friend. Like I always say ‘everyone needs a friend,’” Bob Ross would say as he paired a tall green lazy tree next to a lonely bush.

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