Allstate Drama!

More and more consumers are shifting their attention to online forms of advertisements. With less people actually sitting through TV commercials, marketers have a tough time getting their message across to the masses.

So, like any smart business would do… you either adapt or die.

Allstate has applied this motto and has gone forward and developed a series of teen drama episodes that can be viewed over the Internet. The series is broken up into various episodes and takes various everyday scenarios such as driving to school, teen parties, even running errands and how they can turn dangerous if the driver is not careful. It highlights the worry parents have as their teenage kids start driving and deals with peer pressure and how it can affect driving judgment. It is full of teenage drama and their volatile stressors in life which can seem trivial to adults but can really alter the way they operate a vehicle.


How clever is that! It is genius not only because it goes against the grain entirely by taking a commercial and essentially integrating it into a series but because it involves sharing an interesting love story that teens and young adults can relate to.  This campaign proved to be a success right away, rendering an average watch time of 1:30—over a minute longer than your average ad.

I believe Allstate has struck a home run as far as visual retention goes. Now marketers can start thinking about shifting their messages in other creative formats and do away with the “car salesman” approach of the quintessential ad.

Perhaps deeper messaging such as birth control and the perils of teenage pregnancy can be matched up with Trojan or maybe McDonalds can send a responsible message of America’s obesity epidemic and its new “healthy” menu.  The possibilities are endless and it would behoove the smart marketer to include this interesting advertising angle into their marketing mix.

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