HBO’s ‘Girls’ as Content Marketers: Who Would You Be?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m a proud HBO addict. Every single Sunday night of the year is strictly set aside for curling up on the couch and watching one of my favorite HBO series, one of which is Girls. A relatively young series, Girls follows the life of four 20-something Brooklynites – Hannah, Jessa, Marnie and Shoshanna – as they confusingly navigate through life. Each character has chief characteristics that make her stand out and seem relatable to all of us – whether you have a bad case of the mid-20’s or are old enough to be these girls’ parent. This got me thinking…what would the foursome of Girls look like if they were all content marketers?

hannahHannah Horvath

Hannah is an aspiring writer in her mid-twenties who was cut off by her parents financially. While she’s driven (she quits her job as an unpaid intern when her request for pay is shot down) she doesn’t exactly know where she’s driving to. She stumbles through her fair share of odd jobs until she settles upon a coffee shop run by her friend, Ray – that is, until she hastily ditches that job too. When she finally signs a deal for an e-book, her enthusiasm is quickly curbed when she comes up short with ideas.

As a content marketer, Hannah would be plenty adventurous and clumsily follow the beat of her own drum, but it may not get her far if she’s unequipped with a plan for content creation and a roadmap to follow afterward. She may go a little too far (as she infamously does for her freelance job in season two), but it will somehow be with good intentions.

Marnie Michaels

Serious, over-analytical and always responsible, Marnie is the one who covers Hannah’s rent as her roommate and closest friend.
marnieShe’s the one who settles with an unfulfilling relationship and the one who realizes that she has yet to do some serious self-discovering. As opposed to the ill-prepared yet always inquisitive Hannah, Marnie would be the content marketer who has worn out a familiar path for far too long. She may be tempted to try new strategies to engage her readers, but she’s hindered by the feeling of not knowing where to start. At the end of the day though, she’ll always find a way to make things right – even if her rendition of Kanye West went awkwardly wrong.

Jessa Johansson

Jessa is a classic bohemian traveler. She’s the girl who enters a party dressed in a black feather getup, the friend who unpredictably leaves in the middle of the night
jessaand the one who eagerly pushes things to the limit – and keeps pushing. Like Hannah, Jessa can’t seem to hold a job after being fired as a babysitter. Eventually, she partakes in an impromptu – and short-lived – wedding to a well-off venture capitalist named Thomas. Jessa would be the kind of content marketer who adds true shock value to her material and the way she shares it. She would hold absolutely nothing back and would only settle for a position that encompassed every aspect of who she is. She would be the one to write content for an offbeat urban retailer or an artistic animal rights activist.

Shoshanna Shapiro

Last but not least is Shoshanna, the energetic, innocent and inexperienced cousin of Jessa. She has a beautiful, expensive apartment,shoshanna creates her own dream boards and attends NYU. She is extremely aware of her surroundings and is constantly thinking. She begins a relationship with Hannah’s former employer, Ray, which she eventually ends because she feels there is no excitement anymore. If Shoshanna were a content marketer, she would dive headfirst with a well-crafted, competitive plan and make sure her material was consistently fresh, invigorating and captivating. She would be forward-thinking (perhaps even planning an editorial calendar two weeks in advance) she would know exactly which social media platforms to use, and most importantly, she would make sure that the material she produced was at its very best.

Which character from Girls do you think your inner content marketer speaks to?