Facebook Graph Search Has Arrived

You may have heard that Facebook has rolled out Graph Search early this week for all English-speaking users in the United States. So what’s Graph Search, you may be asking.

Graph Search adds dimension to your Facebook searches, allowing you to search in a more “natural” way. Want to know what restaurants your friends like in the area? Simply type in “Restaurants in Connecticut that my friends like.” Want to see older photos of your friends? Type “Photos of Jane Doe before 2009” into the search bar.


The new feature has left many scrambling to update their privacy settings to prevent the world from seeing embarrassing photos. But what can Graph Search provide for businesses? Well for starters, it can help gain exposure for local businesses your friends have been to, tv shows and movies your friends like, pages your friends like…you get the idea.

What can you do to optimize your page for Graph Search? Here are a few tips:

  • Are you a local business? Make sure you fill out all business info, including your address, company description, and business hours.
  • Categorize yourself in the right industries. Remember when you were setting up your page and Facebook asked you to choose a category? Now’s the time to make sure it’s correct.
  • Encourage engagement. Facebook loves a page that demonstrates interaction with your audience – post photos, ask questions and get your fans talking!