Don’t Dig a Grave for Your Email Marketing Strategies Just Yet

emailHow many times have you provided a clerk or a kiosk with a false email account to avoid being bombarded with messages about newly released products or surveys? Hey, we are all guilty of it and I don’t blame you; the last thing anyone wants is an inbox full of spam.

To avoid seeming “old school”—or irritating for that matter—many companies have abandoned email marketing all together, instead turning to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to reach customers and promote their products. While taking to social media is a must, it certainly begs the question. Is email marketing dead? Actually, no.

Call it a comeback, a rebirth or whatever you want, but the fact of the matter is email marketing is not dead. In fact, it’s very much alive as evidenced by a recent survey which found that 51 percent of B2Bs state that email marketing is the most successful tool in generating leads followed by content marketing with 38 percent.

So what has transformed this so-called dinosaur marketing practice into a lead generation machine? Attention grabbing subject lines, optimized landing pages (particularly for mobile) and only the best content. But simply pressing “send” for the sake of sending an email with no strategy in place will not get you any closer to your goals. Marketers would be wise to learn a few things from retail company J. Crew and fashion newsletter The Zoe Report.

I have to admit every now and then a catchy subject line will catch my attention and the next thing I know I’m avoiding the pile of work on my desk and whipping out my credit card to buy yet another sweater that I don’t need. It’s all thanks to my favorite retailers’ genius email marketing strategies.

I don’t know about you but my office feels like an ice box, while outside it’s a sweltering 110 degrees. Either J. Crew knows my teeth are chattering or it is just that good because I recently received an email from the preppy retailer with the subject line – “Hot outside. Cold inside. Is your office freezing?” Can you guess what happened next? I quickly opened the email, went straight to the website and ordered myself a brand new top. Other clever subject lines have included “Get. Away. We packed your bags for you,” and “Stop wondering what you have to wear.”

jcrew email



The Zoe Report – a daily newsletter from the fashion maven Rachel Zoe – does an excellent job of drawing the attention of consumers with subject lines like “Open This – Your Lips with Thank You,” “Blackheads Be Gone!” and “Nailed It.”

zoe report email


With lead generation being a constant battle for companies, email marketing is an easy way to get your brand in front of potential customers. And the great thing about this strategy is that it’s on the customers own time. Catchy, but informative subject lines like the ones above not only grab the attention of consumers, but also encourage them to explore the company beyond just an email – which ultimately drives traffic and sales.

While these examples are targeted specifically toward retail customers, companies can still learn a thing or two from these examples. Email marketing is a great way to not only generate leads, but to gain insight into customer behavior and maximize customer lifetime value.

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