Lowes Lends a Helping Hand with Awesome Content Marketing Campaign

Lowes Vine VideosLet me start by saying that I don’t consider myself handy by any means (when I need a quick fix, my father always taught me that there’s nothing like some strong duct tape to do the trick). That’s exactly why Lowe’s “Fix In Six” campaign caught my attention. Before I knew it, the initiative – which leverages the power of Vine to share quick how-to and fix it videos – had me itching to snap on some protective goggles and get my hands on a few power tools.

I quickly realized that Fix In Six – a Tumblr blog displaying the Vine videos – could come quite in handy for those working around the house.  Ever use a Post-It to catch the dust from drilling a hole in your wall? A potato to remove a broken light bulb? Cinnamon to keep bugs out of your sandbox?

Absolutely brilliant.

This is merely a sampling of innovative ways to get quick household jobs done – not to mention a sampling of ingenious social marketing possibilities.

Taking this a step further, let’s explore how the home improvement store managed to captivate a 19 year-old college student.

Not to belittle human intelligence, but when it comes to surfing the Web, we seem to have the attention span of a two year-old. Turns out, six is the magic number. Six seconds is just enough time to capture a message. It also puts the focus on only highlighting the most significant visuals, which cuts out unnecessary fluff. What would normally be expressed in a complex 300 word article is narrowed down to a short and sweet sequence of visuals.

If you can accomplish that with one vine video, imagine what you can do with a whole blog of them. No sooner had I finished watching one quick fix before I was scrolling down to watch the next…and the next…and the next. The short, simple nature of Vine videos gives them an addicting quality. And when they include useful, informative content, it only makes the experience that much more fulfilling. And trust us, your customers will be coming back to see what addictive quick tip you have to dish out next.

In Lowes’ case, the videos certainly succeeded in bringing out my inner handywoman. Looks like I won’t be needing that duct tape anymore…