The Healthcare Industry is Ripe for Content Marketing

No matter what industry you’re in, you need content marketing. It increases your visibility and gives you a wider reach in which to share your message and let people know what your company is all about. Furthermore, it increases the overall effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. In a recent survey, 63 percent of respondents affirmed that posting content on social media channels increased marketing success.

One industry that stands to benefit a great deal from content marketing—though they might not realize it yet—is the healthcare sector, which is in the same spot it was two years ago, according to Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute. While the industry’s remained relatively stagnant in terms of content marketing adoption—and Pulizzi attributes that behavior to the fact the industry’s heavily regulated and heavily scrutinized—there’s enormous room for growth.medical-doctor-jobs-in-China-expat-jobs-in-china Continue reading “The Healthcare Industry is Ripe for Content Marketing”

Three Reasons Your Boss Will Say ‘Yes’ to Content Marketing

shutterstock_135869045We feel for you, we do. It can be incredibly daunting to walk down the hall to the office to ask your boss to trust you when you say that your company needs to start a new initiative, head down another path, or launch a new product. You will undoubtedly be asked countless questions to figure out if your “gamble” is worth the bet and you will unequivocally be second guessing your proposal as the questions get fired.

But, if your idea is content marketing, hold your ground because here are three reasons your boss will say yes:

1. Your competitors are already doing it.

There is nothing worse than playing catch up… especially when it comes to business.  But facts are facts and the content marketing ones don’t lie. Here’s an impressive one: 91 percent of B2B marketers are already leveraging content marketing to bolster their corporate identities. Continue reading “Three Reasons Your Boss Will Say ‘Yes’ to Content Marketing”

Don’t Dig a Grave for Your Email Marketing Strategies Just Yet

emailHow many times have you provided a clerk or a kiosk with a false email account to avoid being bombarded with messages about newly released products or surveys? Hey, we are all guilty of it and I don’t blame you; the last thing anyone wants is an inbox full of spam.

To avoid seeming “old school”—or irritating for that matter—many companies have abandoned email marketing all together, instead turning to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to reach customers and promote their products. While taking to social media is a must, it certainly begs the question. Is email marketing dead? Actually, no.

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Miss Manner’s Guide to Social Media Etiquette – Crisis Edition

Social media has proven that it can be a gold mine for content marketing. That is, until a tiny, unpredictable crack suddenly sparks a destructive collapse. One minute social media can be a lucrative pawn in your marketing game whilethe next it’s the root of crippling loss. Your behavior on any one social media site can lead to significant consequences for your business.

Just look at the disastrous downfall Golden Corrall experienced last week. When employee Brandon Huber posted a YouTube video of raw meat left outside, which was then supposedly served to customers, it unleashed a stream of social media backlash. The bitter back and forth was enough to leave a bad taste in any consumer’s mouth.

And that’s exactly what happened. Experience for yourself the outrage aimed at the restaurant via a Facebook status the company posted after the video hit the Web:

buzzfeed status

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The (Unofficial) Ten Social Media Commandments for Content Marketers

social mediaWe all have some set of rules that we abide by. For example, I would consider mine to be treating others kindly, being slow to speak and being quick to listen, among others. But before I get too philosophical, let’s take a look at ten lessons every content marketer should be zeroing in on, inspired by this recent post from Buffer (props!). I now present to you the (unofficial) ten social media commandments that every content marketer should be heeding:

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10 Things Never To Do On Social Media

Social media is a great way to promote your brand, but if you’re making these mistakes, you’re risking send all your hard work right down the drain.

  • It’s been a month since you’ve posted. The frequency of posts often depends on the social media platform, but as a general rule – post daily! If you know you’re going to have a hectic day and won’t have time to post, schedule your messages through services like HootSuite or TweetDeck .
  • You don’t’ respond to comments. Your followers took the time to reply to one of your comments or tag you in a post. Show them the same respect – reply to them, even if it’s simply a quick thank you.
  • Me, me, me. Everyone loves talking about themselves and their business, but not everyone loves to hear about it! Especially when it’s overly self-promotional.
  • You’ve paid for friends. You can find many sites out there offering to sell you hundreds or thousands of fans. Promise me you won’t do it. You’ll get low quality followers who don’t care about what you have to say and may not even be real people. Quality over quantity, friends. Continue reading “10 Things Never To Do On Social Media”

Why Your Vacation Resort Needs Content Marketing

blog pictureFull disclosure: I am a bit of a vacation snob.

I wish I could be like my free-spirited, “I-go-where-the-wind-takes-me” friends; those who are able to practically spend petty cash for their beach vacation by looking up the cheapest motel (sans bed bugs, hopefully) within walking distance to the main beach. I wish I could be like them and overlook busted air conditioners and hostile-like conditions when it comes to lodging.

But I can’t.  That’s because when I go on vacation, my enjoyment comes from the combination of my hotel, the activities, the ambiance and the culture. And I ALWAYS do what I can to ensure that the hefty price tag on my credit card matches the experience.

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Longform Journalism – Forget About the Price Tag

When I started researching stories and statistics for this blog post, I didn’t know much about longform journalism. So, I got comfy in my swivel chair and, of course, implemented my first course of action – Googling the term. The search engine brought me first to Esquire magazine’s recent foray into pay-per-article longform, then to a review of the website And just like that, this form of reporting of which I had never heard had captured my heart.


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Social Media in the Music Industry: Brilliant or Desperate?

Is it just me, or have other content marketers begun picking up on the social media signals within the music industry? As we all very well know, social media is a springboard upon which businesses are happily bouncing to bolster brand awareness, lock in customer loyalty and secure sales; however, some of today’s A-list entertainers and musicians are seeing the promise of social media in an entire new light – one that they are hoping will lead to big fat dollar signs. It seems that social media became a strategic element of musicians’ careers almost overnight, which got me thinking…are these tactics genius or just plain desperate? Let’s take a look at three of today’s top celebs who are cashing in on Twitter’s hashtag and we’ll let you be the judge.

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Snail Mail Goes Social

mll2I’ve been home from college since May, but somehow Fourth of July feels like the true start to summer. So I did what I do whenever I need a new start: I cleaned. And this time, I stumbled upon a drawer in my desk full of letters. Handwritten, saved from summer camp and birthdays, conveying memories and stories from friends and family. It was a touching discovery, one that made me hesitant to check my Facebook or Twitter, thinking I wouldn’t find the same meaning there as I did in that desk drawer. But thankfully, if you miss the good old days of snail mail as much as I do, there’s an organization that knows where we’re coming from.

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