When it Comes to Posting, Timing is Everything

time You’ve spent all afternoon hunched over your laptop creating “the greatest blog ever written,” but suddenly you realize that it’s 5 pm. Your eager to post your blog, but you’re not sure whether or not it’s the right time. Will it get lost in the cyber shuffle overnight? Can it wait till morning?

Maintaining an accurate posting schedule and learning when your audience is tuned in is the key to engagement success. After all, what good does it do if your audience never reads your emails, tweets, posts, or blogs?

With 347 new blogs posts, 684,478 Facebook shares, 100,000 tweets, 204,166,667 emails and 3,600 Instagram photos posted every minute, it’s not easy to get noticed. However, research shows that there is a right time and a wrong time to post.

We know time is of the essence so let’s dive right into the best times to blog, blast, and post.


According to research, the morning is the best time to post as this time garners the most activity and engagement. The average blog gets the most traffic around 11 am on Monday. In fact, 70 percent of users say they read blogs in the morning. Moreover, blogs receive the most comments around 9 am on Saturday.

However, posting one blog per day doesn’t cut it. Those who post more than once per day have a higher chance of getting more unique viewers and inbound links.

Twitter and Facebook

Research finds that tweeting one to four times per hour in the mid-afternoon and during the weekend will lead to higher click-through-rates (CTR) while tweeting in the afternoon around 5 pm increases the chance of a re-tweet.

For Facebook, the best day to share content is Saturday, which is when Facebook users share content the most. Moreover, Facebook shares tend to spike around noon and a little after 7 pm.

Email Campaigns

While data shows that open and click rates are the highest in the early morning, certain kinds of promotions are better suited at certain times of day.

For example, between 2 and 3 pm, consumers who are typically focused on work are most likely to respond to email campaigns related to financial services, while the hours of 5 and 7 pm are when recipients are most likely to open B2B promotions.

In terms of numbers, research shows that CTR are the highest when emails are sent less than four times per month.


No one knows your target audience better than you. Use the data above as a guideline to help improve your marketing strategy and never let bad timing trump your hard work again.

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  1. Loving these stats – Definitely a good gauge of engagement. Though as much as we’re connected, do you think these lines will begin blurring somewhat?

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