What Can Content Marketers Learn from the Cronut?

Americans are slowly getting their first taste of the newest delicacy to sweep over the Western hemisphere: the Cronut. The harmonious product of a marriage between a croissant and a doughnut, the Cronut is winning over the hearts of pastry lovers from New York to Los Angeles. It is quickly becoming the latest craze in the food industry, and surprisingly has a lot to teach us about content marketing.


The creation of relevant and valuable content to attract and retain customers is the crux of content marketing. And just like the Cronut, content marketers must create unique, finger-licking content to attract and engage consumers. Here are some valuable tips the Cronut can teach us about crafting quality content:

Create content that is innovative

People love the Cronut because it is brand new. The dough is made from its own proprietary recipe, and contains neither doughnut nor croissant. When it comes to content, your readers will have a keen eye for ideas that have been re-hashed. Your content should be new, and innovative. It should provide readers with a fresh perspective about your product or services. This way, your content will stand out amongst the multitude of articles that already exist, and it will be retained by your readers.

Make sure your words trigger emotions

Just like the Cronut brings food lovers to a happy place when they take a bite, it is important to remember the emotional factor when crafting articles. It is important, however, to match the right emotion with your article. And just as important it is to avoid too many negative emotions, don’t be afraid to strike a pain point when necessary. The right mixture of emotions can create a very powerful piece.

Keep your readers guessing

One of the reasons that the Cronut is so successful is that its bakery only releases one flavor per month. Your content should keep readers wondering how you will engage with them each time. Just like a television show can run its course after only one season, your content runs the same risk if not properly managed. Make sure that you have a solid distribution model that focuses on a long term approach so that your readers will keep coming back.

Don’t serve too much at a time

Users typically only have time to read 28 percent of the words during an average visit to your site. Just like most people cannot eat more than one Cronut at a time, keep your posts short and say what you have to as quickly as possible. Make your most important point within the first few lines, and use the rest to drive the message home.

Do you have a creative recipe for content that keeps readers coming back to your website? Tell us in the comments section below!