Content Marketing Quickly Emerging as the Heavy Weight Champion

In the right corner, coming in at 500 pounds and easily bench pressing Social Media, Blogging and eNewsletters, is Content Marketing. In the left corner, coming in at a measly 100 pounds with only Traditional Marketing and Print Publications in his corner, is Traditional Advertising.

Too harsh? Feeling bad for Traditional Advertising? You should. He doesn’t have a chance against Content Marketing, at least according to a recent infographic released by Marketo.

As explained by the marketing automation software provider, “Content Marketing is a force to be reckoned with.” The infographic is chock-full of great information from the chief reasons why companies should use content marketing (think all things related to leads—from generation to scoring to nurturing) to how companies use content market (79 percent use social media, 78 percent prefer blogs) to how content marketing spending is growing over the next 12 months (52 percent of B2B marketers plan to increase their spend, if you were wondering).

It’s a compelling infographic with so much insight to glean. But perhaps the biggest part that stood out to me centered on  the most common barriers to widespread content marketing adoption. And they are—as you probably imagined—the following:

  • 36 percent of marketers struggle to produce engaging content
  • 21 percent are unsure of how to produce enough content
  • 20 percent can’t find the budget to produce content
  • 11 percent lack C-Level support
  • 9 percent are unsure of how to produce a variety of content

As a marketer, you might be finding yourself in a similar boat and, here at Content Boost, we don’t blame you. Coming up with a comprehensive content strategy is no small feat. In addition to figuring out what topics you want to cover—an exhausting process in and of itself—you are then tasked with choosing which members on your team will be responsible for content creation. Don’t have an employee who can squeeze even one more hour into their already 12-hour work day? Yeah, you are not alone.

So what is the solution? Well, many companies are increasingly turning to the process of outsourcing their content needs to companies like Content Boost, in an effort to better address their content objectives in a timely, cost-effective manner. In fact, did you know that it can cost you up to $117,000 per hire when it comes to onboarding an in-house Content Producer—when you take a look at everything from salary to hardware to taxes and healthcare. Makes outsourcing seem like a much better idea, right?

Want to learn more about how our team can become your team, for the fraction of a cost? Then check out the video below: