Top Three Social Tools Every Content Marketer Should Consider

content marketing strategyWhether you work for a large firm with an international customer base, an enterprise with multiple clients or a smaller company operating with a stricter budget, one thing remains true: the business of managing social media can easily get hairy. So, for every content marketer in the world, there should be a handy tool by his or her side.

Or, maybe more than one. According to a new infographic from media news outlet MediaBistro, there are five social media tools that every marketer needs to be using to achieve success.

Virtually anyone can appreciate a list of tools or resources that help individuals do their job better – regardless of what that job may be. Having said that, let’s take a look at three of these top five social tools that every content marketer and social media maven should have – or at the very least, consider.

1.)    Social Listening

It should go without saying that as a content marketer, you should be interested in learning more about what conversations are (or aren’t) happening – as well as where they’re happening – about your brand and your competitors. Social listening software offers users a simple, intuitive and customizable interface for multiple employees to use, providing powerful insights into a spectrum of filters for evaluating and aggregating results.

Top Suggested Tools to Consider: Meltwater Buzz, Brandwatch, Trendrr, Viralheat and Social Mention

Big Brands Currently Using these Tools: MTV, ABC, Harley-Davidson, Six Flags

2.)    Social Conversation

Whether you’re a brand advisor scouring Twitter feeds for top trends or a content marketer looking for content creation ideas, being able to effectively find – and for many, respond to – customer inquiries and comments in real-time is absolutely vital. This is where social conversation software comes into play, as it enables companies to apply actual dollar amounts to posts using a patented algorithm or show companies just how many followers their messaging is reaching, among many other capabilities.

Top Suggested Tools to Consider: Argyle Social, HootSuite, Spredfast and Sprinklr

Big Brands Currently Using these Tools: Whole Foods, AARP, Pepsi, Cisco, Dell, Virgin, Samsung

3.)    Social Marketing

As any content marketer or social media manager knows, creating and managing campaigns, promotions and other creative projects across platforms is key. Social marketing software can serve as an exceptional platform for doing just that – be it creating promotions, contests or easily setting up Facebook applications.

Top Suggested Tools to Consider: EngageSciences, Buddy Media, Agora Pulse, Shoutlet and ShortStack

Big Brands Currently Using these Tools: L’Oréal, Cisco, PlayStation, McDonalds, Nine West, Microsoft and NBC News

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