What’s in a Blog?

shutterstock_101774389It is oftentimes the hardest place to start when it comes to your content marketing strategy, but at the same time, the most important—your blogging platform. From deciding on appropriate blog topics to fine-tuning your tagging strategy to cementing your posting schedule, maintaining a blog can feel a lot like a three ring circus; there are so many moving parts that need be accounted for and, as marketers, we are oftentimes left throwing our hands in the air and with a massive headache.

So what’s in a blog? Before diving into the blogosphere, try to remember these three tips and tricks for each and every entry.

Title Matters

Think about your own behaviors when combing your Twitter feed or sifting through Google News alerts and ask yourself the following: what gets you to click on a link?  Many would agree that it’s not necessarily the source that gets them to click on a link.  Usually, it’s the compelling, illustrative and overall well-crafted title that sparks their initial interest.

Your title matters to your audience; it’s the aesthetic part of your blogging platform, if you will. If the title looks attractive enough, and merits a few eyeballs, it is likely to get clicks and drive traffic to your site. Conversely, if it is too long, bulky, confusing or misleading, it will have the opposite effect.

Subject Matter is Key

Simply put, don’t write about what you find interesting—write about what is of interest to your core market. Your posts should always feel intrinsically tied to your brand, filled with relevant, insightful copy that is whole-heartedly tied to your corporate identity. Sure you can take a few creative liberties with blog topics from time to time—especially during the holidays or when a national event happens—but  your blog should remain consistently true to your company’s values and core competencies.

To stay on point, develop a content calendar to ensure that all of your topics align with corporate policies, as well as to identify places to weave in themes or unique perspectives. At the end of the day, though, ask yourself whether your audience will care about your post. Don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself when it comes to the answer.

Keep it Short

The first step is to reel your target market in. The next, is to keep their attention span long enough to get them to do what you really want—engage with your brand. From clicking on your white paper download form to filling out their information to be contacted by your sales representative, a chief reason you are blogging is to attract eyeballs, demonstrate your thought leadership and then incite a behavior that benefits your brand. Keep your blog succinct and relevant, never forgetting that each prospect has a very finite attention span.

Are we missing a tip or trick? Let us know in the comment box below and happy blogging!

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