How to Build Your Content Marketing A-Team

blog pictureAssembling a department of workhorses who bring out the best in each other—and possess an uncanny ability to work cohesively as well as independently—is certainly no small feat. But those are exactly the ingredients you need to create your content marketing A-Team because anything less will be of grave disservice to your brand and its messaging. So how do you even begin putting together your industry-leading content marketing team? By making sure you have the following team members on board:

The Creative Thinker

This is the person who always—without fail—thinks outside of the box. The one on your team who sees the world in visuals and logos as opposed to hard numbers and statistics. It is this individual who will bring artistry to your content marketing strategy. Rely on The Creative Thinker to lend insight as to which platform you should use to set up your blog—as well as how it will be displayed on your homepage; which social media accounts you should set up; and whether you should embrace an email marketing campaign. The one who thinks outside of the box is most likely thinking like your consumers and potential prospects as he or she is thinking about what someone wants, not if it makes sense from a business perspective. Not only will The Creative Thinker keep the creative juices flowing for your group, but he or she will also make you think about your content strategy in a new light.

The Realist

Sitting in the same room as The Creative Thinker (though maybe a few seats down so as not to totally demoralize The Creative Thinker) should be The Realist, the one who gives an honest opinion about whether a marketing opportunity is viable. This is the person who will be candid about whether a marketing effort will prove futile, if your company has enough resources to make this next venture possible and if your consumers and key stakeholders will respond positively to this latest quest. While you need someone with two feet firmly planted on the ground, The Realist does not have to be a glass-half-empty-type-of-person. Conversely, you should search for someone who remains optimistic and upbeat while still managing expectations.

The Entrepreneur

Notice we did not say The Financier; that’s because the person in this role should have ROI top of mind while still being open and willing to embrace new revenue streams. A naysayer will leave The Creative Thinker and The Realist feeling dejected. Conversely, The Entrepreneur is all about the dollar sign and taking the innovation and creative juices on the table and turning them into steady revenue streams. Perhaps this means putting a few extra marketing dollars into holding a 500-particpant webinar series or maybe it means re-launching the website to put the new blogging platform on display. The Entrepreneur is your numbers person, the one who assess the financial worth of burgeoning ideas.

The Doer

Once the three above have weighed in, you need The Doer, or the person who will actually see to it that your content marketing strategy gets executed. This is the individual who will develop editorial calendars, set up a HootSuite account for social media management and create a white paper distribution schedule to make sure that each marketing tactic becomes fully baked. The Doer can also assume the role of The Delegator by seeing to it that additional resources are called upon to ensure proper execution.


Worried that you are missing one of these individuals on your team? Or that your current team isn’t up for wearing multiple hats? Then figure out what other personalities you can bring to the mix to keep your content marketing strategy fresh and relevant.

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