Twelve Sunny Social Statistics to Warm Up Your Frigid Content Marketing Strategy

winterDepending on your personal tastes and preferences, now could be either the worst or best time of the year to inhabit the seasonally unpredictable corner of the northeastern United States. I’m a part of the former group of people, as I love the summer and cannot stand the winter (while, it cannot be disputed that the first snowfall of the season is beautiful, that frosty feeling of goodness fades away just as quickly as it stirs within you).

Personally, I live for the sunshine; the days of being able to walk outside without having to worry about how many clothes to layer, how long you have to warm up your car in the morning before you head to work or how long you can stand being indoors before having to start a fire. That’s why I got excited when I caught a glimpse of these 12 brand-new social media marketing statistics, originally relayed in a Zift Solutions infographic. Hopefully these will energize my fellow sun-worshipping content marketers out there – especially if you’re entrenched in the tech sector. Let’s take a look at the numbers:

  • 52: Average increase in reach when social posts are syndicated by channel partners.
  • 87: Percent of small businesses that say social media helps them.
  • 85: Percent of business decision-makers who say that at least one social media channel is very important when making business technology purchase decisions.
  • 77: Percent of Global Fortune 100 companies that have a Twitter account.
  • 34: Percent of high-tech companies who have reduced traditional advertising budgets to find digital marketing activities.
  • 1,400: The number of website visits that companies generating over 1,000 Facebook likes receive per day.
  • 800 million: The number of active users who spend an average of 15 minutes per day on YouTube.
  • 74: Percent of brand marketers who saw an increase in website traffic after investing just six hours per week in social media.
  • 40: Percent of small businesses that feel that social media is amplifying word-of-mouth referrals.
  • 52: Percent of marketers who have gained a customer via Facebook.
  • 35: Percent of marketers who have gained a customer via Twitter.
  • 80: Percent of U.S. Internet users who are reached via social media and blogs.

Are you looking to beat the winter blues with some sunny social media stats? Click here to view the infographic in full. In the meantime, make the most of this year’s quickly approaching winter season.