Three Content Marketing Questions to Ask Yourself Before 2014

shutterstock_160206998I don’t know about you, but I gave up on the whole New Year’s resolution thing awhile ago. It’s not that I wasn’t keeping my resolutions; it was that I found it much more impactful to do a self-reflection at the end of every year and think more thematically about the type of person I want to be as opposed to one or two things to tackle for the upcoming year. After all, it feels silly to say things like “I will eat more spinach in 2014” and more aspiring to say “I will be a more health-conscious.”

The end of the year is not only an opportune time for you to personally reflect on areas you would like to improve upon, but it’s also a critical time to encourage your business to ask those ever-important questions. As a marketer, there are a multitude of strategies and tactics you can implement in 2014, so to help you navigate your best course, here are a couple of key questions to get you started:

  1. What is Working?: Chances are that if you have embraced an integrated marketing strategy, then your company already has its hand in a couple of different marketing vehicles. Maybe one is a fairly new venture—like that Twitter campaign you launched in September. Or maybe it’s a concept that’s been introduced for quite some time now—like that white paper to capture leads. In any event, take inventory of all of your marketing quests and figure out which ones are worth pursuing and which ones are best suited to leave behind in 2013. While it’s important to throw multiple tactics at the wall to see what sticks, it is equally as important to understand when it’s time to walk away from a campaign.
  2. Do you Have Your A-Players?: The start of the New Year oftentimes means the start of a new budget season. And with new budgets come the opportunity to assess your current staffing situation and identify what positions still need to be filled and which existing team members need to step up the plate. As you head into 2014, ensure you are surrounding yourself with content marketing, social media, lead generation, customer service and inbound marketing experts. If you have a limited budget, then make sure your existing team is willing to wear multiple hats. No matter the size of your organization, now is the time to make sure you have the best players in the dugout ready to hit the field and knock it out of the park come 2014.
  3. How are Your Competitors Faring?: There is nothing that will get your team more amped up and hungry for success than taking a look at what your competitors are doing. For example, how successful are their social media platforms? Is their website more robust than yours? Do they frequent three times the amount of trade shows as your company? Before heading into the New Year, take note of what your competitors do well and where there are openings in the marketplace for your company to pull ahead.  And never settle for second.

Ready to take on 2014 with an unprecedented ferociousness and strategic mindset? Let us know in the comments below!