Three Ways to Keep Your Content Team Invigorated This Holiday Season

shutterstock_147855167Everybody loves the holidays. Between the surplus of savory sweets and the extra days off to spend with family, this magical time of year gives everyone that indescribable glow and something to smile about. But it can also leave your workers feeling unmotivated, distracted, and altogether lazy.

And while some facets of work can take a back seat the next few weeks, your blog cannot. Already 65 percent of businesses that have a blog haven’t updated their blog in one year or more. All it takes is a few bad weeks of ignoring your blog and you can quickly be heading down a similar road.

The truth is, though, while you may think your blog doesn’t need any TLC this holiday season, the fact is that all the vacation days grant your consumers ample time to scroll your blog and catch up on your most recent happenings.

So how do you keep your team invigorated so that they can continue to churn out content these next few weeks? By considering the following suggestions:

  1. Go on a Field Trip: No, I don’t mean pack lunches, board the school bus and stuff the backpack. I mean take your team somewhere to get their creative juices flowing again. Maybe you can take a quick trip to your building’s atrium for your next editorial meeting, turning to the lobby Christmas tree and Menorah for inspiration. Or perhaps it means a trip to your company’s call center so that your content team can meet and interact with the agents actually facilitating the experiences of your consumer base. No matter where you go, gather up your writers, tell them to bring a pad of paper, and make time to visit a spot that is sure to get the left side of the brain moving again.
  2. Embrace the Holidays: Since holidays—and all their glory—are already on your team’s minds, encourage them to use the holidays for blog content inspiration. Craft blog posts on why your industry should be thankful, what resolutions you would like to see for your respected space, or how to make sure you don’t receive a pile of coal this holiday season. There are so many witty ways to weave the holidays into your blogging strategy—from using song lyrics as headline titles to referencing some of the most beloved children’s books for your leads—so figure out a way to bring the cheer to your content.
  3. Incentivize: You don’t need to have a large budget to incentivize your team to keep the content factory churning this holiday season. You just need to get creative. Show your team how much you value them—and the fact that they are still making time for writing each day—by organizing a cookie swap, a happy hour, or a bowling outing. If your team feels appreciated and cherished, they are much more willing to still put in the effort this holiday season. And, as a result, your blog may see some of its best entries yet!

Keep in mind that when your company is off, your customers have the most free time to check your blog, your most recent marketing pieces and your social media accounts. In fact, you may see traffic surge during this time of year. So plan ahead, keep your team’s spirits up, and pack your blog with some extra merriment this time of year. Here’s wishing you and your families the start of a wonderful holiday season!