Content Marketing No Longer Just a Single Slice of the Marketing Pie

shutterstock_84904912If you didn’t get a chance yet to check out our latest featured article (click here!), then I’ll leave you with this: “Content marketing has reached a perfect storm. All channels – including print, digital and social are growing.”

So contends Custom Content Council’s Executive Director Lori Rosen in the council’s latest content marketing report titled “Spending Study: A Look at How Corporate America Invests in Branded Content for 2013.” As a marketer, there are some incredibly exciting statistics shared in this latest report that are sure to get you amped to head to your boss’s office to exclaim “Told you so; I knew content marketing would work!” Here’s a teaser of some of the most exciting figures:

  • Branded content this year rose 7.8 percent over last year
  • Branded content spending claimed 37 percent of companies’ marketing budgets, or $1,860,788 per company
  • The biggest reason companies employ the use of content marketing (49 percent) is for customer education; customer retention and brand loyalty follow in popularity.

“Every major brand has embraced content media leading to higher quality, higher impact and higher ROI,” implores Rosen.

So what does this mean for you and your company? It means that now is the time to pat yourself on the back if you have always been one of those cutting-edge, avant-garde companies thoroughly invested in your content marketing campaign. It also means that if you are not yet casting your eye toward developing a blogging platform, augmenting your social media presence, dabbling in video and infographic production or toying with white paper and webinar development that you are quickly falling behind.

The fact is that content marketing has become the go-to marketing strategy for so many B2B and B2C companies, leaving very few out there who are not exploring the notion of custom content creation. As Content Marketing Institute just shared in its “B2B Content Marketing 2014: Benchmarks, Budges, and Trends – North America” report, 93 percent of companies use content marketing, up from 91 percent in 2012. Moreover, 73 percent of B2B content marketers are producing more content than they did one year ago. Simply put, content marketing is no longer one slice of the marketing pie. It’s taking over the whole pie.

Feeling overwhelmed and like you are already behind? Don’t worry! There’s always time to get into the content marketing game. And the very first place it starts is by asking “what”: What do I want to accomplish?; What communications vehicles do I want to use?; What messages do I want to spread to my key stakeholders?; What do I want prospects to know about my brand? Then comes the strategizing part. Get together your content marketing A-team to figure out how to dive head first into your content marketing strategy, to assess how your competitors are handling their strategy and to gauge how your consumers want to be talked to and across which platforms.

With so many companies out there already reaping the benefits of a content marketing strategy, don’t you feel like it’s time to be in on this sweeping trend?