How Content Marketing Can Create Buzz for Your App

Like most people, I am in love with my smartphone. When the battery dies, I feel betrayed. When I notice a new podcast has been downloaded, my heart swoons once again. And like most smartphone owners, I have a number of apps that I depend on each day. It is interesting, though, to consider exactly how and why each app has been downloaded.

Consider how app use is on the rise. In December 2012, Portio Research estimated that 1.2 billion people worldwide were using mobile apps. That figure is projected to grow at a CAGR of almost 30 percent to eventually reach 4.4 billion mobile app users by the end of 2017.

While the Apple and Google Play stores can be helpful for finding five-star games, the majority of practical apps (travel, finance, organizing events) are associated with certain brands. Consumers will be on a website, listening to public radio, have an article e-mailed to them and discover a new smartphone app.

A recent article by Business2Community offers some great tips on getting the word out about your own company’s app. I think that two of their points involving blogging and app reviews can be reduced to one overarching topic, namely: create the buzz that you want to center around your app.

Creating Buzz

There will be good reviews and bad reviews for your app (if only from a grump or competitor). The key is to make the most of the positive ones. By reaching out to users who have written glowing reviews for your app in the Apple and Google Play stores, you can turn fans into advocates. Ask them if they want to write a guest blog, and also write blog entries of your own taking a look at the top qualities that users appreciate about your product. Some might claim that you’re humble-bragging, but spreading the word about your app should be one of your top priorities.

Another great way to create buzz for your app is by reaching out to publications that review apps, such as App Advice, PC Magazine and App Craver,  just to name a few. By reaching out to those who can turn heads towards your app, you can shine a spotlight on the great work that your company has done.