Is Your Company Making a Splash?

By now my husband fully understands my interest level in content marketing. So much so that when something content marketing-related appears on television or is covered in a magazine, he will DVR the show or rip out the article (yup, I’m one lucky girl).

So late last week, you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when a special segment titled “Content Marketing: The New PR?” found its way into my DVR lineup right alongside “Friends” reruns and the latest episode of “The Biggest Loser.”

Though this segment was filmed about a year ago—and captures experts from IBM, Magnet Media and RebelMouse weighing in on the future of the content marketing landscape—the points that were discussed still ring very true today. One of the most interesting sentiments shared during the one-hour clip is when RebelMouse Founder and CEO Paul Berry argued, “As a brand you need to be doing something worth writing about.”

Let’s think about that for a quick second…

“As a brand you need to be doing something worth writing about.”

All too often, we in the content marketing world hear from prospective clients, “Well I don’t really have anything to say so I don’t think our company needs a blog.” There’s the problem right there. Every brand has something to say and those that don’t simply haven’t yet figured out what story they are, or should be, telling. Think about Berry’s point… as a brand you should be doing something worthy of commentary, explanation, and reaction. If you are not, are you even being heard in the marketplace? Are you even making the tiniest of ripples?

As we head into the New Year, think about what blog entries you could write about, the topics your company could weigh in on, and the advice you could dispense. And if you find yourself coming up short, ask yourself a really hard question: Is your company really living up to its potential? Your brand has a story to tell—the story of your value proposition, your subject matter expertise, and your industry. It is up to you to develop your company’s voice and encourage others to evangelize on behalf of your brand.

The art of story-telling is not a novel concept. In fact, as shared in the panel discussion, the idea of brands telling stories dates back decades ago. It has only recently garnered so much attention thanks to the growing ubiquity of publishing and the rise of a world in which everyone is a content creator.

We are now immersed in a world in which brands have voices, in which any individual can become an overnight content producer, and in which brands have to be prepared to respond to things happening in their industries in real time. So the question truly becomes whether your brand has familiarized itself with this new world and whether your company stands ready to traverse this new terrain as we head into 2014. So? Do you have your answer?