Happy Birthday Vine! See How the Internet Celebrates

It’s been one whole year since Twitter officially introduced the world to Vine on January 24, 2013. The mobile app—acquired by Twitter some months before its roll out in October 2012—has been doing exponentially well, having acquired millions of users in only 12 months.  Vine was one of many social concepts to take rise over the past 12 months; however, it was only one of few to make a real impact on the social and marketing scene.

happy birthday

Vine proved itself a viable option for content marketing, and the marketing arena hasn’t been the same since, as evidenced by the fact that Vine videos are four times more likely to be shared than branded online videos. Further, four days worth of YouTube videos are shared on Twitter every minute. Over the last year we’ve also seen individuals emerge as popular content creators known solely for their Vine videos. One such individual is Eric V. Dunn, an American Internet personality who is most well-known for his Vine creations (you can click here to view his Twitter account and videos). By the end of July 2013, Dunn boasted 1.5 million Vine followers.

In today’s image-centric world, Vine has risen as a true game-changer. In anticipation of its one-year birthday celebration, the company announced last month that users would be able to get vanity URLs for their profiles starting December 20.

The Internet is buzzing today with Vine-related congratulatory posts and well wishes. Vine’s first birthday is being warmly received by many such as AllTwitter, who posted a compilation of what it considers to be the best Vine videos to date. You can check out the collection by clicking here.

Vine also released a blog yesterday expressing its gratitude and excitement for the past year. The blog—authored by “The Vine team”—states:

When we launched Vine on January 24, 2013, we didn’t know what to expect. To say that we’ve been blown away is an understatement. The creative community that has embraced Vine’s short, looping videos has shown that you can tell a whole story, make people laugh and even leave people speechless –– in six seconds or less.

The company also posted the following Tweet yesterday:

happy birthday2

It should go without saying that Vine has emerged as a top social tool for content marketing. Having made as many waves as it did within its first 12 months, the software is bound to enjoy steady, solid growth.

Happy 1st Birthday Vine!