ITEXPO 2014 Editor’s Day: Brand Strategy at its Best

shutterstock_161159720We are just a few hours into ITEXPO 2014 in sunny Miami Beach and the energy and electricity here at the convention center is truly palpable. Attendees are starting to pour in for a number of conference events; TMC staffers are running around putting the finishing touches in place for what will be another bleeding-edge technology event; and dozens upon dozens of C-suite officials and leading company executives are making their way to the convention center to participate in Editor’s Day.

If you have not yet had the chance to attend Editor’s Day—or even ITEXPO—let me paint you a picture of how the day works: Countless companies send their officials to the meet with TMC editors to tell the story of their brand; to elucidate on their unique differentiators and value propositions; and to highlight their core messages. Simply put, it’s an example of branding at its best. Companies have the full attention of a roomful of editors who are eager to learn about the intricacies and nuances of each business so they can weave together a compelling story that highlights each of their unique tales.

If you are joining us for Editor’s Day in just a few hours, we cannot wait to meet with you. And if you are not coming until later this week, don’t worry as there is still time to share your company tale with us. Whether we will come face-to-face with you at this year’s convention or an upcoming trade show, here are a few pointers for crafting your message:

  • Prepare ahead of time: No matter who the audience is, take a few moments before the event to make sure you have jotted down all the key points you hope to communicate about your brand. That way you won’t forget anything important when you are in the zone.
  • Consider your differentiators: To remain competitive, you undoubtedly have several unique characteristics that set you apart from others in your space. Be sure to highlight these chief differentiators with anyone you network with, as it is these points that will stick with your audience after the fact.
  • Keep it relevant: No matter how long you have been in business chances are you have developed many chapters in your brand’s story. But make sure to keep in mind that while one group may be interested in chapter three, the other may only be concerned with chapter five.

To everyone who is coming out to ITEXPO 2014: We cannot wait to see you there! And we look forward to four days of brand strategy at its best.


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