Marketing ‘Without Walls’: Using Social Media to Engage Customers


On average, people check their smartphone over 150 times each day. Just think about how often you refresh your email at work or glance at your Twitter feed for the latest news. How can your brand use this to its advantage? Simple: by getting users to advertise for you.

The clothing brand, Without Walls, is a great example of how social media can be used to spread brand awareness and increase consumer engagement. The trendy athletic wear website has launched a social media crusade to get its customers up and active in its clothing.

Using the hashtag #getmovinhavefun, the company encourages consumers to photograph themselves being active in the brand’s attire and post it to their social media accounts. There is a chance for the consumer to be re-tweeted or reposted on Instagram if Without Walls likes what it sees, making users temporary social media celebrities.

Their social media accounts are also continuously alerting followers of events taking place in New York and Los Angeles that promote the brand, while encouraging people to make new friends and get moving.

Without Walls’ funky yet practical clothing is enough to motivate anyone to get up and run that extra mile; especially with the chance that a picture of you looking chic and sweaty could end up all over social media.

With this user-promoting marketing technique people are more likely to take a moment and see what their friends are posting, rather than quickly scroll through a promoted tweet or advertisement on Instagram. In fact, today’s consumers are more interested in seeing their college roommate hiking in upstate New York in an inspiring workout outfit on their Twitter or Instagram feed rather than a picture of a model pretending to jog through Central Park.

So what can other brands take away from Without Walls’ genius social media campaign? Getting customers involved without strictly focusing on endorsing your product is the way to go.

Without Walls proposes getting involved in group runs or trying out a new product to promote healthy eating. In a world that is composed mainly of word of mouth marketing, it is a smart play to get costumers thinking positively and posting about your brand.

When it comes to executing your own social media tactics, consider how you would want your brand to be portrayed through a consumer’s eye. Make sure there is a plan in place and focus on what you want the results of a social media campaign to be. Start the conversation yourself by implementing a hashtag, for example, or a photo contest. And remember: make it relevant to your targeted audience in a way that makes them want to get involved and promote your product on your behalf.

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