Unconventional Tradeshow Tips and Tricks for Increasing Leads

tradeshowI love a good tradeshow. Perhaps that is because I am by nature a people-person, but I also believe that there is something for everyone at such an event. That’s because conferences, when leveraged correctly, can serve as a powerful content marketing vehicle for garnering leads—something that every business leader, regardless of personality type, enjoys. I spent some time yesterday at The Small Business Expo 2014 in New York City where I was reminded of some simple, yet often forgotten, tips and tricks for maximizing leads and making the most out of every tradeshow experience: Continue reading “Unconventional Tradeshow Tips and Tricks for Increasing Leads”

All Content Marketers Need To See ‘The Lego Movie’

I’m not sure they actually  exist, but it’s entirely possible there are individuals out there who don’t like Legos. Still, Legos are awesome, and most people I would imagine agree.Lego_Color_Bricks

If you’ve not seen The Lego Movie, you’re missing out. In fact, it’s my humble opinion that the film should be required viewing for all content marketers.

Don’t worry, I won’t spoil the movie for you. Suffice it to say that it’s fantastic, it involves lots of Lego-related animation—from fight scenes to Batman to explosions—and it’s appropriate for viewers of all ages.

Continue reading “All Content Marketers Need To See ‘The Lego Movie’”

Got Nothing to Write About? Take Inspiration from Social Media

stressed-outAh, the life of a content marketer. Day in and day out, you’re tasked with coming up with new, engaging ideas that are meant to “wow” readers. But every now and then, you’re hit with bloggers block—a very serious, debilitating disease that attacks the minds of marketers and causes them to stare blankly at their screens for hours. Symptoms include severe mood swings, redness in the face, irritability and dizziness.

So what does the marketing doctor recommend? A healthy dose of social media. Continue reading “Got Nothing to Write About? Take Inspiration from Social Media”

Does Your Blog Stand Out from the Rest?

Imagine your blog were to walk into a crowded networking event. Would it be the center of attention and walk away with 50 new business contacts? Or would it hang out by the cookies trying to blend into the scenery?

silhouettes-76784_640In the overcrowded world of online content, it takes a lot to stand out and become known as a go-to source for educational and industry information. Consider the fact that WordPress users publish 347 new blog posts every minute. In that same amount of time, Google users enter over 2 million search queries. And Facebook users share about 684, 478 pieces of content. Continue reading “Does Your Blog Stand Out from the Rest?”