Treat Your Blog as You Would Treat Your Spouse: Be Patient, Loving and Adventurous

shutterstock_179239919I guess I am still in the newlywed phase, as the romance Gods would call it: I am a bit shy of my one-year wedding anniversary with my hubby; we still gleefully cook dinner every night instead of reverting to takeout; we enjoy touching base all day long, even if it’s just to say “thinking of you”; and we genuinely enjoy being in each other’s company. We put our relationship first. We understand that a healthy, sustainable relationship takes work, patience, love and communication and that it’s something you have to actively work on each and every day.

So what does my newlywed bliss have to do with your marketing strategy, you may be asking? Well lots, if you think about it. Whether you just launched your blog platform yesterday, two years ago, or five years ago, my wish for you is that you are still in your newlywed period. I hope that you are not busy cursing your blogging platform and all that comes with it—editorial calendars, tagging, posting, categorizing, etc.—to the high heavens.

But if you’re feeling a bit exasperated when it comes to blogging these days, and a bit like your relationship is headed for divorce, just remember to bring the following characteristics to your platform:

  • Attentiveness: You would feel wholeheartedly guilty—at least I hope so!—if you stood your significant other up at dinner, forgot to get your spouse a present for a special occasion, or worked straight through the weekend routinely. That’s because your spouse deserves your attention, must like your blog. So instead of posting haphazardly (think one or two blogs every other month) and hiding it somewhere deep in your website, show it some love. Create a robust editorial calendar to ensure routine, timely content delivery; appoint a chief blogger to manage your online platform; and display it prominently—and proudly—on your website.
  • Adventure: Blogging has already proven it’s worthy of your love: after all, companies that blog at least 15 times per month get five times more traffic than companies that don’t and blogging is now the number one method for increasing site traffic, surpassing SEO. So now’s the time to keep that love alive. Get adventurous. Sprinkle in some guest contributors; cover a controversial topic that makes you uncomfortable; and make your opinions well known. Take a leap of faith when it comes to your posts and reap the rewards in the form of increased traffic and click-through rates.
  • Patience: Chances are you didn’t race to the altar after the first date and glass of wine. Conversely, you began a long, continuous journey to getting to know one another. Your blogging needs to be on a similar journey. Along the way, figure out what is working well (i.e. the bloggers who are producing the most compelling pieces and the topics generating the most hits) as well as what’s missing the mark (like your latest video blogging endeavor). Exhibit patience. After all, companies that blog well enjoy 97 percent more inbound links and 67 percent more leads.
  • Commitment: Blogging is not a one-and-done; rather it’s a proven content marketing vehicle that can keep working for your brand if you remain committed to its excellence. Aside from the fun that comes with a wedding—like the endless dancing, imbibing, eating and celebrating—it is really all about a marriage and that eternal pledge two individuals make to one another. Make the same pledge to your blog. Vow to be faithful and committed to it. Vow to stand by its side. Commitment to your blog will pay off as it will generate buzz and awareness about your brand and play a pivotal role in the customer buying lifecycle.


Marriage is certainly not for everyone. In fact, many are not meant to be faithful, loving husbands or wives. The same can be said about blogging. Don’t blog just for the sake of blogging; doing so will only hurt your brand in the long-run. Instead, embrace the content marketing engine wholeheartedly. Develop a robust editorial strategy. And give your blog the TLC it deserves to create a healthy, sustainable relationship.