Why Giving Back Pays Off: Target’s New Marketing Campaign to Benefit Students

Let’s just say it’s been a tough year for Target.

The retail juggernaut has been no stranger to bad press following its massive credit card breach. But there’s nothing like a good comeback. The company is launching a feel-good marketing campaign to kick off the school year and, of course, increase awareness for its Up & Up brand.

Target will give one Up & Up brand school-supply product to a needy student for each Up & Up product purchased between July 13 and Aug. 2.

“This is the first time Target has tied a cause campaign to back-to-school,” said Jenna Reck, a Target spokeswoman.


The company hopes to donate upwards of $25 million worth of supplies for the Kids in Need Foundation, which if reached will be the largest donation Target has ever made. So how do they plan on spreading awareness about their great new cause?

The retail company will communicate with consumers via social media, giving them regular updates when it hits significant milestones.

“It’s giving us more pulse points to connect with guests in a way that’s authentic,” Reck said. “It gives us something outside of just deals that we can talk about with our guests.” Target also plans on using traditional marketing methods, such as TV and print ads, to advertise its new initiative.

Since the damaging breach, Target has been doing everything in its power to drive traffic back into its stores and regain trust. And with the school year just around the corner, the timing of Target’s new initiative couldn’t be better.

Do you think the company’s cause-related campaign will pay off?