Expedia’s #tbt Campaign Is a Lesson for All Marketers

Every Thursday, people across the Web take to social media networks to take part in #tbt, or Throwback Thursday, when they post old photos that usually blow their peers’ minds as they’re reminded of what Little Timmy looked like in the sixth grade.


Seeking to capitalize on Throwback Thursday, Expedia, a travel company, recently partnered with 180LA to launch a #tbt-inspired campaign of its own called “Thrown Back Thursdays.” Seeking to recreate photos from the past, the new strategy calls for one of its lucky fans to be able to recreate a memory from the past—well sort of.

The company has asked its followers to post #tbt photos on Instagram and Twitter, tweeting @Expedia with the #ThrowMeBack hashtag. Each week, Expedia will choose one lucky winner and he or she can travel back to the location where the picture was taken and attempt to recreate it.

Cool, huh?

With this in mind, marketers should be encouraged to capitalize on the latest social media trends, putting their own spins on them when appropriate in order to take advantage of the viral nature of the Internet. Sure, you might not be as successful as Expedia, but you won’t know until you try.

Content marketing is all about adding value and building relationships. For Expedia, giving fans the means to travel to distant places to recreate past experiences is a great way to build relationships as the company is literally wedging itself into those fond memories in at least a somewhat organic way.

It’s never too late for marketers to piggyback on trends that started off outside the marketing world. When it’s done correctly, not only will your fans notice, but other marketers will look on and be jealous—and write about it, like this.