Content Marketers: Stop What You’re Doing and Go Eat a Sandwich

Once again, Halloween has come and gone. Are you feeling down about having to wait a whole year to dress up as a zombie or Walter White? I don’t blame you. But here’s a consolation: Today is National Sandwich Day in America. In my opinion, this is the most underrated holiday in the world and it’s a cause for celebration.

Here’s what I love about sandwiches, perhaps more than any other food, and how it relates to content marketing:

unnamedThey’re practical: You can eat a sandwich whether you’re on-the-go or at home. Everything you need can be placed neatly in between two pieces of bread (or in a wrap, if you prefer).

Your content should work the same way. Remember that you’re not trying to serve your readers a multi-course “meal” of content. Craft articles that are long enough to keep your readers satisfied, yet concise enough to be read on a mobile device. Your goal is to inform and entertain your readers, above all else. Continue reading “Content Marketers: Stop What You’re Doing and Go Eat a Sandwich”