eTechHelp Talks Technology at Content Boost’s Content Marketing Crash Course

shutterstock_237634126Investing in technology for your small business can be overwhelming—and that’s an understatement. From computers to phone systems to Internet applications, it can be difficult to determine what technologies best fit your company’s needs and budget.

Luckily, there’s eTechHelp, a global technology consulting and Internet services company that provides a wide range of technology services for business of all sizes.

With over 37 years of industry experience, eTechHelp’s mission is to help businesses achieve success and fulfill their goals by providing best-in-class consulting and technology services at a competitive price. The best part? It doesn’t matter where a business is located as the company can provide a complete, unbiased analysis of a business’s entire office systems technology without ever stepping into their office.

“20 years ago when the Internet was dial up, we couldn’t do online consultations. But now with remote access and tools, we can support almost anyone on the planet. We just recently deployed a 1,000 node Cisco network in the state of Texas without ever setting foot on the premise,” Rich Garboski, founder and president of eTechHelp told Content Boost at its first-ever Content Marketing Crash Course.

At the event, Garboski also revealed that he will be bringing back his award-winning television show, eTech.TV, in 2015, which will teach viewers everything there is to know about technology products and the companies behind them. He will also be presenting at the upcoming ITEXPO, taking place January 27th in Miami.

To learn more about eTechHelp, check out the video below.

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