The Ultimate Content Challenge: Writing a Best Man Speech

I have written white papers. I have written case studies. I have written blogs, e-mail marketing messages and website copy. But as I prepare my best man toast for my best friend’s upcoming wedding, I am realizing none of it was this challenging.


At the same time, I can actually say that my experience as a content marketer has helped me write what I think (hope and pray) is going to be a great speech. The more I think about it, the more I realize that many of the same principles that are critical in content marketing are equally crucial in preparing a toast. For example:

Storytelling Is Paramount: Stories are how we connect our audience to the content we produce. Whether it is a tale about childhood adventure or a case study detailing a successful project, telling relatable stories is among the most effective way to grab readers’ attention and sustain it. When people are emotionally invested in a story, they generally like to see it all the way through to the end.

Knowledge Is Power: People don’t ask casual acquaintances to give their wedding toasts. The best toasts given by close family are born from a deep personal connection and knowledge of the newlyweds. The same is true in content marketing; you have to take the time to know your subject matter and audience inside out to have any chance at crafting compelling copy.

Sometimes Less Is More: We’ve all been at weddings where a toast starts off great but simply drags on too long. By the time it’s over, nobody even remembers the fantastic beginning. At weddings, people want to eat, dance and take pictures and they generally don’t have much of an attention span with so much else going on. The same is true for certain content assets as well. In many cases shorter blogs can be extremely impactful; brevity is also crucial for e-mail marketing in an age where many people now open most of their e-mails from mobile devices.

While Content Boost doesn’t offer wedding speech packages (yet) we are certainly ready, willing and able to help you create the content you need to reach your business goals. So, let’s start a conversation.

And wish me luck on my speech!

eric-e1412094737376Known around the office as the unofficial (or official if you ask him) “Content Boost Mayor,” Eric Lebowitz is one of Content Boost’s Digital Content Editors. Before joining the team, Eric worked in development at the Child Guidance Center of Southern Connecticut in Stamford, Connecticut, and “Golf Digest Magazine.” With experience in account management and content creation, Eric has helped dozens of clients bolster their Web traffic and customer acquisition.  When he’s not cracking jokes in the cubes, you can find him on the golf course working on his handicap. He’s also a recent newlywed. Eric earned his Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Journalism from Purchase College in Purchase, New York.