In Case You Missed It: Highlights From Today’s Content Boost Crash Course in NYC

Today the Content Boost team stormed NYU’s Kimmel Center ready to convince business leaders to say “yes” to content marketing at the third Content Boost Crash Course.

shutterstock_133099646What they found, however, was that the packed room was one step ahead of the game. In fact, the audience members were ready to jump into content marketing right away.

Their enthusiasm echoed the sentiments from our Director Carrie Majewski about how popular content marketing has become. As Majewski explained during her kickoff presentation, 78 percent of CMOs think custom content is the future of marketing. Further, 86 percent of B2B and 77 percent of B2C companies now use content marketing.

“Our NYC-based Content Marketing Crash Course was a big hit,” Majewski said following the event. “The room was filled with driven marketers who are eager to roll up their sleeves and get started with content marketing immediately. The questions were insightful and suggest that the market is poised for content marketing.”

According to Majewski, the questions were less centered around the basics of content marketing and were more focused on issues like co-sourcing and how to vet the right third party provider (a choice that is not easy in a market that is flooded with options).

So, what should you look for in a third party provider?

As our own Content Producer Sal Trifilio pointed out, it’s critical that you find a vendor that supports an integrated marketing strategy; that is, one which uses a variety of different supporting vehicles (such as email, social media and blogging) to help you reach your long term marketing goals. Trifilio explained how an integrated marketing strategy is like having an “ace” pitcher on your staff who can throw a mix of different pitches. A blog is like a fastball, social media is like a curveball and email marketing is like a change up. As you can see, the more options you have for reaching customers, the more complete—and effective—your marketing strategy will be.

Of course, you need customers to target before you can reach out to them which is why two of our managers—Marketing Manager Rebecca Conyngham and Managing Content Producer Allison Boccamazzo— spoke about using content and automation to generate a steady stream of leads. The idea is that by using content, you can nurture leads across all stages of the prospect journey (that is, awareness, evaluation, the purchase decision and retention). And you can do this by offering a combination of valuable whitepapers, case studies and ebooks. By offering these assets (and gating them to obtain contact information about your leads) you will have a clear idea of who you should be targeting in your daily lead generation efforts.

If you missed out on the excitement today, don’t worry—the next Crash Course is right around the bend. Make sure to check back for more information about how you can join us at our next workshop. We hope to see you there!