3 Unexpected Benefits From Outsourcing Content Production

You’re still trying to decide whether a content strategy vendor is right for your business. After all, partnering with any vendor is a big decision and one that requires a lot of trust.

By outsourcing either some or all of your content needs, you can spend less money on the resources required to obtain professional, compelling copy. There are also several hidden benefits to outsourcing content production that you may not be aware of.

Here are three unexpected perks of working with a content strategy vendor:

shutterstock_194954891Fresh perspective about your brand: As a marketer, it’s easy to spend so much time thinking and talking about your products and services that you become bored with them.

What winds up happening is you lose the spark of interest that is needed to make your brand exciting to consumers.

One of the main jobs of a content producer is to provide that spark for you. You’ll get access to weekly, bi-weekly or monthly strategy meetings where you can chat about your marketing needs, and bounce ideas off of creative professionals.

It’s during these phone calls when “ah-ha” moments occur, and breakthrough ideas are uncovered, which can open new and exciting doors for your brand. Sometimes, all you need is great brainstorming session to break through to a more interesting marketing strategy.

Greater industry insight: Another major perk of working with a content strategy vendor is that you can gain access to information that can make you look like a wizard in a meeting, at a trade show or when conversing with your customers.

This insight may come in the form of a key statistic that can win over an audience, clarification about a confusing regulatory ruling in your industry, or advanced insight about where your market is heading.

After all, most days you barely have time to eat lunch let alone comb the Web for breaking information that you can use to market your company. A strong content vendor will take research to heart, and will always come to the table with the latest news from your industry.

More time for strategic planning: There’s nothing worse than having to meet a 3:00 pm deadline for a blog, and having no clue what to write about. When this happens, blogs can seem sloppy and rushed. And your customers will be able to see right through it.

With the time you save working with a content vendor, you can instead spend this time crafting out a direction that you want to take your content marketing in. For instance, you may take a look at your website’s metrics and notice that customers are favoring a certain type of article over another. Or, you may determine that your email marketing needs a bit more attention. You can figure out what your biggest areas of need are, and then approach your content strategy vendor with a plan of how you want to proceed.

The most important thing to remember is that while working with a content vendor, you still call the shots without relinquishing control over what appears on your website.

gerald-21With an extensive background in journalism having worked at AOL’s Patch.com and New Haven’s “Groove Magazine,” Content Boost’s Digital Content Editor Gerald Baldino certainly has a way with the written word. His right-brain mentality and creative thinking has helped him launch numerous successful content marketing campaigns for his clients. Dubbed “Saint Baldino” for his willingness to help other team members in need, Gerald is an independent author and publisher, and enjoys creating short fiction, poetry and visual art in his spare time. Gerald received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.