A Recap of Content Boost’s Latest Content Marketing Crash Course

It was an exciting day at Content Boost last Thursday, Oct. 29, as our content marketing Crash Course—our ongoing seminar aimed at offering tips and tricks for organizations to enhance their content marketing effectiveness —was a great success.

Attendees made their way into the conference room for the first set of presentations, presented by our in-house team of content marketing experts.shutterstock_183663350

In case you missed it, here are some major takeaways from the day’s activities:

Plan, plan and plan some more: The vast majority of B2B companies already realize the benefits of content marketing, as 88 percent are currently using it. So if your business is one of the 22 percent of companies that aren’t using content marketing, your direct report may need some convincing as to why he or she should invest in such a strategy. This was the focus of the first presentation given by our Director of Brand Strategy, Allison Boccamazzo.

So, how do you get your boss to say yes to content marketing? You need a plan, the focus of which should be centered on four crucial steps outlined by Boccamazzo:

  1. Reflect on your current strategy
  2. Demonstrate that your competitors are utilizing a content strategy
  3. Determine a budget
  4. Prove that there will be a ROI

Simply put, you need to approach your boss with more than just an idea; you need to think about why content marketing strategy will work and then back it up with research and data. You may want to mention that companies who blog at least 15 times per month get five times more traffic than companies who don’t!

Perfect the Trifecta: Next up to bat was our one and only Quality Control Editor, Peg Ventricelli, who spoke about the importance of having an “ace in the hole” when it comes to your content marketing strategy. Any good “ace” needs his arsenal of pitches… so what are those?

In terms of content marketing they’re:

  • Blogging: 80 percent of B2B businesses utilize blogs in their content marketing strategies. Think of a blog like a fastball as it’s an essential tool for establishing thought leadership, sharing industry-related news and providing insight into your core businesses operations and culture.
  • Social media: Much a like a curveball, social media is used to mix things up with such platforms as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Social media is a great tool, to not only promote your business’s content but, to engage customers and boost brand awareness.
  • Email: Last but not least is the change-up pitch… or for your sake: email. Email correspondence is a great way to make customers feel special. With this tool, you can specifically target a group of customers, informing them of promotions and other company-related happenings. Email newsletters are also a common practice among businesses who utilize a content marketing strategy, as nearly 60 percent of B2B businesses find email to be their most effective marketing tool. It’s a good way to recap your week’s worth of content and drive traffic to your blog or website.

An integrated content marketing strategy is key to optimizing the effectiveness of your content’s outreach and each one of these pieces are a crucial component in achieving this. Each piece of content needs to be able to stand alone as its own asset, but it also needs to work in unison, working off one another to create a unified message for your brand.

Take baby steps: Content Boost was fortunate to have Tom Maier, who is an ActionCOACH for Action Business Coaching based in New England, present a session at this year’s Crash Course. Maier boasts over 20 years executive experience in telecom, consumer products, chemical and construction. He is also a featured author with such names as Brian Tracy, Bill Gates and Donald Trump.

Maier’s talk was centered on the idea that you only need to make a 10percent increase to your marketing budget each year in hopes of driving more leads. Furthermore, his greatest point was that businesses just need to try content marketing. It’s proven to work, and people know it helps, but many don’t implement it.

To start off, Maier presented to attendees what he called the “wedding cake theory”: Select an individual aspect of content marketing that you want to work on, and just get it running.  If you implement one strategy every month, then by the end of the year you’ll have twelve working strategies. If a few of them don’t work out, then that’s fine as you’ll still have eight other ones working for you.

“The greatest thing about social media is that it’s so easy test,” Maier explained during the presentation. “The power you have now with the Internet is that you can test your strategy before you implement it.”

Following Maier’s presentation, the day continued with a great lunch, where everyone was able to network and discuss all of the new information that they had just absorbed. Afterwards, a panel of experts sat in to answer audience members’ questions, and then our CEO Rich Tehrani gave a fantastic presentation about the importance of content-driven online communities.

All in all it was a successful day as we had the wonderful opportunity to educate the community about what we do and how it can help them. The Crash Course is always a fun and rewarding day for Content Boost. We already can’t wait for the next one!