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Are You Boring Your Readers to Death? Here are Five Ways to Revitalize Your Content

Is your company blog a snoozefest? Are you boring readers to death with lame headlines, a lack of exciting visuals, and ideas or concepts that they’ve already read a dozen times before? I get it; making something like ROI and business analytics “sexy” isn’t easy. But don’t get discouraged, there’s a little Jerry Seinfeld in all of us.

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Second Graders Learning the Art of Persuasive Writing? Two Steps Forward for Content Marketing

shutterstock_141101980The concept of persuasive writing—and persuasive argument, for that matter—was not introduced to me until my senior year of high school during AP English. I remember it vividly. I was taught that writing should not just be a string of words, but rather a compilation of words that influence how someone acts, feels and thinks. It’s about taking an active stance and communicating effectively to your audience in a simple, albeit powerful way. It’s in essence marketing. And it’s not easy.

So you can imagine my shock when I learned this Sunday that my niece and nephew (only second graders!) are being instructed on how to write persuasively in school.

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Blogging Lessons from Fantasy Baseball: Use Your Assets Wisely

Earlier this week I participated in the annual player draft for my fantasy baseball league, a time-honored tradition that takes place all over the country and helps drive the $3.6 billion fantasy sports industry. In years past, our league had used a traditional “snake” format for drafting, which simply means that teams draft in a linear order in each round, the order reverses the following round and this continues until all team rosters are full.


This year, however, we decided to try a new auction format, where each team is given a budget of 260 virtual dollars to bid on players any way they desire. The auction draft is more complicated than a traditional system but can also be more stimulating, as the level of strategy necessary increases immensely.

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Is Your Company Making a Splash?

By now my husband fully understands my interest level in content marketing. So much so that when something content marketing-related appears on television or is covered in a magazine, he will DVR the show or rip out the article (yup, I’m one lucky girl).

So late last week, you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when a special segment titled “Content Marketing: The New PR?” found its way into my DVR lineup right alongside “Friends” reruns and the latest episode of “The Biggest Loser.”

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Why Shorter Is Better When it Comes to Your Blog Copy

shutterstock_115785298Let’s face it… you are swamped. From logging the 9 to 5 grind (uh… more like 9 to 7) to squeezing in parent-teacher meetings to trying to plan something special for the weekend with a loved one, there are simply not enough hours in the day. Well, guess what? Your consumers feel the same way.

In fact, your target market is so inundated with daily tasks that they are in search of pointed, succinct marketing pitches. Just to give you some perspective on the information overload you are currently experiencing, consider the following:

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Three Ways to Keep Your Content Team Invigorated This Holiday Season

shutterstock_147855167Everybody loves the holidays. Between the surplus of savory sweets and the extra days off to spend with family, this magical time of year gives everyone that indescribable glow and something to smile about. But it can also leave your workers feeling unmotivated, distracted, and altogether lazy.

And while some facets of work can take a back seat the next few weeks, your blog cannot. Already 65 percent of businesses that have a blog haven’t updated their blog in one year or more. All it takes is a few bad weeks of ignoring your blog and you can quickly be heading down a similar road.

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What’s in a Blog?

shutterstock_101774389It is oftentimes the hardest place to start when it comes to your content marketing strategy, but at the same time, the most important—your blogging platform. From deciding on appropriate blog topics to fine-tuning your tagging strategy to cementing your posting schedule, maintaining a blog can feel a lot like a three ring circus; there are so many moving parts that need be accounted for and, as marketers, we are oftentimes left throwing our hands in the air and with a massive headache.

So what’s in a blog? Before diving into the blogosphere, try to remember these three tips and tricks for each and every entry.

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A Tale of Two Companies and How Each Captured My Heart

Hi, my name is Allison Boccamazzo and I’m a Kate Spade addict. I’m a LUSH addict, too. I tried good and hard to give them up, but I just can’t. And so here I am, writing (yet again) about how amazing these companies’ customer service – and content marketing strategies – are. I swear to you that there’s no paid advertising going on here. This is just the simplistic power of content marketing coupled with superior customer service.

My relationship with these two companies escalated quickly and blissfully, like going out to dinner with a complete stranger on a sporadic Saturday night to falling head over heels by the time you reach the front door. In an effort to explain to you how to capture your customers’ hearts, I have to explain how these two companies consistently knock it out of the park for me. And, in turn, why I’m always willing to open my wallet for them.

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Blogging without Social Media is Essentially Futile

social mediaI can’t tell you how many times a day I find some of my most favorite blog entries from Twitter. In fact, I keep Twitter up all day long—canvassing the stream every few hours to catch the latest content marketing news and determining who I would like to engage with in cyberspace today. It’s completely addicting. I no longer have to go out to try to find the latest information about something that piques my interest; rather, that news comes to me.

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Can You Even Find Your Company’s Blog?

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it even make a sound?

The same could be said about your blogging platform. If you are creating the most compelling, awe-inspiring blog content—unquestionably putting your competitors to shame—but that copy is essentially hidden on your homepage, then does your blog even make a ripple in cyberspace? In short, the answer is no. Continue reading →


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