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So You Want to Blog… Where Do You Start?

shutterstock_171929309By now, your boss is all over you to craft your company’s blog. After all, 76 percent of B2B and 72 percent of B2C marketers leverage blogs as a chief content marketing vehicle, according to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2014 benchmark studies. And here’s why:

  • Blogging is now the number one method for increasing site traffic, surpassing SEO
  • Companies that blog at least 15 times per month get five times more traffic than companies that don’t
  • 77 percent of all Internet users read blogs

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Content Boost’s ‘Journey to 300 New Subscribers in 60 Days’

first-placeFor marketers, the summer is anything but relaxing. With the bustling tradeshow season well underway and 20 other projects on your plate, your blog might be feeling a little neglected. Luck for you, Content Boost has the solution to your problem. We are excited to announce our latest contest “Journey to 300 New Subscribers in 60 Days.” We are giving everyone a chance to win THREE free blogs written by our expert in-house editors—yes free! Continue reading →

Word Smith Your Way Into Readers’ Hearts and Minds

Don’t perplex your target audience with an unclear message. The best online content begins with gripping and cohesive storytelling. I promise to guide you through composing a first-rate blog that holds your reader’s interest to the end. By following my recommendations, your blog articles will then drive more traffic to your site. Continue reading →

Got Nothing to Write About? Take Inspiration from Social Media

stressed-outAh, the life of a content marketer. Day in and day out, you’re tasked with coming up with new, engaging ideas that are meant to “wow” readers. But every now and then, you’re hit with bloggers block—a very serious, debilitating disease that attacks the minds of marketers and causes them to stare blankly at their screens for hours. Symptoms include severe mood swings, redness in the face, irritability and dizziness.

So what does the marketing doctor recommend? A healthy dose of social media. Continue reading →

The Ultimate Blogging Checklist for Marketers

blogbrooke522Crafting a blog post seems easy enough, right? You come up with an idea you think your audience will enjoy, write a couple paragraphs, slap on a title and you’re good to go. It’s really not rocket science. Or is it?

Blogging is now an integral part of businesses’ inbound marketing strategies.  It gives organizations the opportunity to create relevant content for their customers while helping to drive traffic to their website. While writing an impactful blog isn’t rocket science, it’s not easy. Below is the ultimate blogging checklist for marketers: Continue reading →

The ‘Spoiler Effect’ and How It Can Transform Your Content

I love “Game of Thrones,” “Breaking Bad” and “The Walking Dead.” At a glance these series seem to have absolutely nothing in common, but they do have one common denominator: they have the “spoiler effect.”

I’ve been seeing the “S” word everywhere lately, especially with the fourth season of “Game of Thrones” now at full speed. Every website you visit, radio station you tune into and tweet you see contains some sort of clause warning: “Spoilers ahead! Do not continue if you have not watched yet!” The fear that someone will stumble upon a juicy online review or overhear a spoiler-filled conversation has become a very real one. We’ve all probably seen irate fans share rants on social media about how people need to respect the fact that others haven’t caught up yet. This still happens even for “Breaking Bad”—whose series finale aired last September.

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Calling All Marketers: Picture Your Favorite Storytellers, Now Become Them

shutterstock_110537546Think of the last story you told. Was it about your recent vacation to St. Lucia? That embarrassing moment in a recent corporate meeting? Your kid’s game-winning shot during his soccer tournament? Chances are that no matter the story you told, it was rich with detail, emotion and descriptors.

That’s because when we tell our personal stories, we often speak from the heart—not pausing to consider the narrative, the flow and the descriptors. It just comes naturally. And what results are oftentimes some of the best, most engaging and truly organic stories that come from a place of honesty and from a desire to share our experiences with others.

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Are You Boring Your Readers to Death? Here are Five Ways to Revitalize Your Content

Is your company blog a snoozefest? Are you boring readers to death with lame headlines, a lack of exciting visuals, and ideas or concepts that they’ve already read a dozen times before? I get it; making something like ROI and business analytics “sexy” isn’t easy. But don’t get discouraged, there’s a little Jerry Seinfeld in all of us.

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Second Graders Learning the Art of Persuasive Writing? Two Steps Forward for Content Marketing

shutterstock_141101980The concept of persuasive writing—and persuasive argument, for that matter—was not introduced to me until my senior year of high school during AP English. I remember it vividly. I was taught that writing should not just be a string of words, but rather a compilation of words that influence how someone acts, feels and thinks. It’s about taking an active stance and communicating effectively to your audience in a simple, albeit powerful way. It’s in essence marketing. And it’s not easy.

So you can imagine my shock when I learned this Sunday that my niece and nephew (only second graders!) are being instructed on how to write persuasively in school.

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Blogging Lessons from Fantasy Baseball: Use Your Assets Wisely

Earlier this week I participated in the annual player draft for my fantasy baseball league, a time-honored tradition that takes place all over the country and helps drive the $3.6 billion fantasy sports industry. In years past, our league had used a traditional “snake” format for drafting, which simply means that teams draft in a linear order in each round, the order reverses the following round and this continues until all team rosters are full.


This year, however, we decided to try a new auction format, where each team is given a budget of 260 virtual dollars to bid on players any way they desire. The auction draft is more complicated than a traditional system but can also be more stimulating, as the level of strategy necessary increases immensely.

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