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Content Boost Places in Top Quadrant in Clutch’s List of Top Content Marketing Vendors

2014 was a banner year for us at Content Boost. We grew our program considerably—introducing new content packages, signing on a number of big-name clients and becoming Better Business Bureau certified. We even got some extra icing on the cake when the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) awarded us an Honorable Mention for Best Blog Entry for the 2014 Content Marketing Awards for our blog titled, “Hey Coca-Cola, Will You Go With Me to Prom?

But if this past month is any indication of what’s to come, 2015 is going to be truly game-changing. I am incredibly excited and humbled to announce that Content Boost has been named a “market leader” in Clutch Research’s “Top Content Marketing Companies” report, the highest spot on the leader’s quadrant.

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Warning: You Are Losing Sight of the Customer

shutterstock_telescopeI had an interesting conversation with a colleague earlier this week while reviewing a story I had written for a client. I was quite pleased with the way the piece came out and was looking forward to getting feedback from my teammate before finalizing it and sending it off. I felt the post had a natural flow and was well-written, so I felt confident that my client would receive it well. Continue reading →

ITEXPO Content Marketing Workshops Return to Miami

IMG_20141204_113151137It seems like just yesterday that it was August and our team was gearing up for our first-ever ITEXPO content marketing workshop. The goal was simple: we kick off the four-day business technology and communications convention, hosted by our parent company TMC, with a series of content marketing seminars.

So we racked our brains trying to discern what topics would be most relevant for attendees at the biannual trade show. We searched for the latest market research to weave into our three presentations, and we started marketing these workshops like crazy to drive attendance.

And it worked.

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Google Analytics: Three Things You Can Do to Amplify Your Efforts

So you created a blog and have been posting frequently. The good news is that you’re reaping the many benefits of your blogging efforts, from increased site traffic and lead conversion to bolstered brand awareness. But as any good marketer knows, you always have to be 10 steps ahead in the game.

google analytics

That means digging deeper into data to improve and fine-tune your strategy. In other words, taking a look at how your blog is performing (how many people are visiting your blog, clicking on certain pieces of content, etc.) to learn what you should do differently. After all, what’s the good of blogging if you’re unsure of how your strategy is performing? To get fully value out of any content strategy, you must extract key insights to make necessary changes and improvements. A go-to tool for doing so is Google Analytics. Continue reading →

Why Now’s The Best Time to Start Documenting Your Content Marketing Strategy

Well, that one minute walk to my car this morning was fun… I took one step outside on this bone-chilling January day and I thought I entered the North Pole. But no, I’m still in Connecticut where there’s no Santa Claus or reindeer—just frigid temperatures and brutal wind chills.

With the coldest time of the year setting in—it could feel like minus 50 degrees in some places—now’s the perfect time to plop yourself in front of the fireplace (or your desk), enjoy a cup of hot cocoa and begin documenting your content marketing strategy.

Featured image

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IRPA Talks Robotic Process Automation at Content Boost’s Content Marketing Crash Course

In the past, it was common for companies to outsource various processes offshore as labor costs were considerably less expensive. While less costly, outsourcing came with a slew of disadvantages such as poor quality, security threats and loss of control. Luckily, with the onset of robotic process automation, outsourcing to other countries is no longer necessary. Continue reading →

Behind the Scenes of ‘How to Get Away with Murder’: Content Marketing Lessons From the Mega-Hit

Like many people, I tuned in this year to watch “How to Get Away with Murder” (HTGAWM), the newest brainchild of producer Shonda Rhimes (who created hit dramas like “Grey’s Anatomy and “Scandal”) and creator Peter Norwalk.

The show quickly became the year’s most promising new series; it was renewed for a second season and has already been nominated for a slew of awards. So what the heck does this have to do with content marketing? Let me tell you…

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Content Marketing: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

For me, the next four months are going to be the most fun, exhilarating and, yes, painful weeks of my life. That’s because in 109 days, 22 hours and 15 minutes I will be running in the Boston Marathon. The wind will be whipping all winter long; the runs will continue to increase in distance; and it will undoubtedly be a struggle at times. But through hard work, drive and dedication, I will be ready to run 26.2 miles by April—finishing strong on the last stretch of Boylston Street in Boston.

Featured image

During one of my long runs this past month, I got to thinking: Content marketing is a lot like training for a marathon—both should have a well-documented strategy; there should be a steady increase in mileage (i.e. content distribution); and both could benefit from having a partner—but the parallels don’t stop there. Let’s further explore how training for a marathon is similar to content marketing:

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How to Build Your Content Marketing Dream Team

shutterstock_181375259You’ve spent the past several months creating a killer content marketing strategy that outlines everything from your objectives to your buyer personas to your distribution vehicles … you name it. But suddenly, reality hits you like a high-powered freight train and panic ensues; you’ve got a plan—but no one to help execute it. Continue reading →

TEKintellect: Proving That Learning Can Be Fun

shutterstock_239408494Recently, there has been a lot of attention in the media about how American students are falling behind in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. In fact, only 16 percent of American high school students are considered to be proficient in mathematics and are interested in pursuing a STEM-related career like biomedical engineering and software development.

TEKintellect is one company that is tackling this problem head-on.

Based out of New York City, TEKintellect provides a hands-on, multisensory training experience for students in grades K-8. Its Robotix Workshops offer students 15minute lessons in robotics, as well as opportunities for students to design original mechanized machines out of Lego components. TEKintellect provides a unique learning environment that encourages students to play with these machines and watch their creations come to life. Continue reading →


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