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20 Most Unforgettable Quotes from CMWorld 2014

shutterstock_140911936This past week, over 2,500 marketing and business leaders from over 50 countries descended into Cleveland for Content Marketing World 2014 for four days of information-laden educational sessions, keynotes and workshops, highlighting everything from content creation to social media to data-driven ROI.

I was lucky enough to sit in on some incredible sessions lead by today’s top influences, including Joe Pulizzi, Andrew Davis,  Jay Baer,  and Ann Hadley to name a few (Yes, I sadly had to leave to before Kevin Spacey’s closing keynote to catch my plane, but don’t worry, I stalked Twitter for his key sentiments!). Having listened to dozens of experts over the years, I’ve heard some pretty inspirational quotes and received some outstanding advice, but there’s something about CMWorld 2014 that reignited my “marketing fire.”

So I thought I would share with you 20 of the most unforgettable quotes from this year’s show in hopes of inspiring you: Continue reading →

Employee Spotlight: Five Minutes with Director of Content Marketing, Carrie Majewski

shutterstock_142997941When TMC decided to launch Content Boost, it knew it needed an experienced go-getter who wasn’t afraid of a challenge. So naturally the company turned to former journalist, marketer and TMC Web Editor Carrie Majewski, who’s worked with a variety of high-profile clients on branding strategy and copy creation from Sprint to Panasonic to AT&T.

As Content Boost’s Director of Content Marketing, Carrie is the muscle behind CB, helping manage brand and editorial strategy, foster client relationships and launch strategic partnerships. But Carrie isn’t your typical director. Continue reading →

A Look Back at Day One of CMWorld

CaptureContent Marketing World (CMWorld) officially kicked off today in style, with no shortage of orange apparel, cutting-edge keynote addresses, standing room only breakout sessions, and orange-themed finger food.

As a second-year participant, there were iconic moments that kept me on my feet all day. Specifically, I couldn’t wait to see Joe Pulizzi’s latest orange suit (it did not disappoint); I eagerly—err maybe aggressively—pushed my way through the throngs of people to get first row seats at the coveted breakout sessions; and I relished each and every networking event. Who knew you could so easily talk content strategy while grabbing grub at food trucks?

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Content Creation: A Marketer’s Double-Edged Sword

shutterstock_161159720We often come to the realization that sometimes our greatest strengths or supports can become our biggest setbacks. For example, someone who is a perfectionist can tap into that Type-A drive to execute a number of initiatives; but that unending search for betterment can also handicap progress.

Content creation is just as confusing. While marketers know that content creation, especially in the form of SEO-driven pieces, is perhaps their most effective marketing tactic today it can also prove especially frustrating. In fact, according to a recent study from Ascend2, which polled 270 B2B marketing professionals around the world, almost 60 percent identified content creation as their most effective strategy. But still, 54 percent reported that it is an extremely difficult tactic to execute well.

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Cleveland Here We Come! Content Boost Heads to Content Marketing World 2014

CaptureThis week, marketing professionals, business leaders and content creators from around the country will make their way to Cleveland for Content Marketing World (CMWorld) 2014. Taking place September 8-11, CMWorld is the biggest content marketing event of the tradeshow season—and for the second year in a row Content Boost will be on-site to take part in the festivities. Continue reading →

Three Tips Marketers Can Learn from Fantasy Football

fantasy footballIt’s that time of year again as friends and enemies gather around the draft table for yet another Fantasy Football season, where fans virtually pick NFL players and compete for a championship as pretend general managers. Continue reading →

Content Boost Receives Better Business Bureau Accreditation

blue-seal-120-61-whitetxt-technologymarketingcorporation-87118529When I attended Market New York Expo earlier this year, I had the chance to meet with the New York chapter of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). I had always known about the BBB; I look for the seal on the websites of companies I hope to engage with as a consumer, I know that to become a BBB accredited business you have to uphold certain standards, and I understand that customers feel a certain degree of comfort when they know a potential vendor they are eyeing is BBB- accredited.

So as I was standing there talking to a BBB representative and it dawned on me: it was time to get Content Boost BBB accredited.

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This Summer’s Marketing Superlatives

shutterstock_112540055The sun is just about setting on summer, and that means marketers everywhere are reflecting on their advertising campaigns and looking ahead to fall. But before we welcome autumn, we here at Content Boost thought it would be fun to highlight three brands that we feel have made a big splash with their advertising campaigns over past few months.

Here are our picks:

Most ambitious: Pac Sun

California clothing company Pac Sun set out with a goal this summer to capture the “diverse, creative and optimistic” Golden State of Mind with its marketing campaign. The company travelled to 20 different cities across the U.S. and took photographs of each one. Then, it combined the original photographs the team took with images from across California, giving customers the opportunity to picture their city as if they were in California. The company then included the original images in 619 window displays across the country, using social media, online video and an online hub to engage with customers.

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ITEXPO Las Vegas 2014 Wrap-Up

itexpo-logo-2014What a productive and inspiring week our Content Boost team just experienced at TMC’s ITEXPO 2014 in Las Vegas—the largest and longest-running B2B trade show, and your source for business technology innovation and trends. We were thrilled to be there and experience the scope of event offerings—from networking with leaders from multiple industries to gleaning the knowledge shared by executives from AARP, American Cancer Society, AT&T, iRobot, Schmooze and others. We hope you were there with us last week to gather insights into the information and communication technology market, attend educational workshops and hear all of the exciting keynote speakers. Continue reading →


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