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Louis C.K. Speaks To You Like a Friend, and It Works

Even if you’re not a fan of the comedian, it might be worth your while to sign up for Louis C.K.’s mailing list or make sure to periodically check out his website from time to time.Louis_CK_Kuwait_crop

In terms of content on his website, there’s not much there. But you should try to take a look at the content that does live there that gets updated every few months which can be found in the news section (which, as someone who is signed up for his mailing list, I believe doubles as his mailing list updates as well). Continue reading →

For LeBron James, Four Years Made All the Difference

In 2010, NBA superstar LeBron James, having just completed his first professional contract, announced during a surreal television special that he would be leaving his “hometown” Cleveland Cavaliers (James actually hails from Akron, Ohio) and playing for the Miami Heat. “The Decision,” a 75-minute interview with Jim Gray in which LeBron waited nearly 30 minutes before actually declaring his intention, aired on ESPN and was a ratings boon for the network.

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There Are 27 Million Pieces of Content Shared Every Day

There are 27 million pieces of content shared every day on social media networks.16436499_WEB_BF_Lancaster39ad15e6-a84f-4ebd-9199-5a22bbc68860

That number comes from a three-year-old study commissioned by Nielsen, so we can somewhat reasonably conclude that the number is actually a little higher today than it was back then.

Either way, that’s a lot of material. So how can you make sure that your content is worthy enough not to drown in a sea of content? Here are some tips to consider:

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Three Reasons Your Product Launch is Failing

shutterstock_171227993You don’t even need to consult the market research to know that launching a new product is cumbersome, complex and costly. Often a look around at the faces sitting at your boardroom table, or a quick scan of internal team emails reveal the frustration, anxiety and sheer chaos surrounding a new unveil.

But let’s just say you did want to consult the stats. Just how harrowing are they? Well let’s take a look:

  • 66 percent of new products fail within two years
  • 96 percent of all innovations fail to return their cost of capital

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Amongst the Tradeshow Frenzy and Exhaustion, Try Something New with Content Marketing

shutterstock_131742977For those of us who have the privilege (and curse) of getting to attend a sizeable amount of trade shows each year, we’ve learned some of the essential survival tricks:

  • Desperately try to cram all clothing and toiletries needed into a carry-on to avoid checking luggage.
  • Slap a permanent smile on your face from the time you land in the venue city until you take that taxi away from the convention center at the end of a long few days.
  • Dress warm. You may be visiting Vegas in August but convention centers are typically well below 65 degrees.
  • Bring more than enough business cards—chances are you will run out fast.

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Expanding Monument Park: What Marketers Can Learn From the Yankees

Yankee_Stadium_Monument_Park_2008For many players and fans, the Hall of Fame is baseball’s most sacred ground. Being inducted is the highest honor a ballplayer or someone involved with the game can achieve.

But the second highest honor? That’s probably being inducted into Monument Park, the New York Yankees’ version of the hallowed halls of Cooperstown. Sitting behind the center field wall of Yankee Stadium, Monument Park currently pays homage to 30 men.

When the 2014 season started, that number stood at 28. When it ends, it’ll stand at 32.

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Marketing ‘Without Walls’: Using Social Media to Engage Customers


On average, people check their smartphone over 150 times each day. Just think about how often you refresh your email at work or glance at your Twitter feed for the latest news. How can your brand use this to its advantage? Simple: by getting users to advertise for you.

The clothing brand, Without Walls, is a great example of how social media can be used to spread brand awareness and increase consumer engagement. The trendy athletic wear website has launched a social media crusade to get its customers up and active in its clothing. Continue reading →

Need Content Marketing Inspiration? Look Around You

shutterstock_161159720As a marketer, we search for inspiration any place we can find it—at our daughter’s dance recital, on the train commuting to work, in line at CVS waiting to check out… the world is full of marketing inspiration. And it often comes when we least expect it.

We are officially at the halfway point of the year, meaning exhaustion and creative blockages are at an all-time high. You may be out of ideas for your blogging platform; you may be struggling with the motivation to finish that white paper; and you may be fearful that your innovation engine is starting to run on empty. So what’s a marketer to do? It’s time to learn from your surroundings. And here’s how to do it:

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Unconventional Tradeshow Tips and Tricks for Increasing Leads

tradeshowI love a good tradeshow. Perhaps that is because I am by nature a people-person, but I also believe that there is something for everyone at such an event. That’s because conferences, when leveraged correctly, can serve as a powerful content marketing vehicle for garnering leads—something that every business leader, regardless of personality type, enjoys. I spent some time yesterday at The Small Business Expo 2014 in New York City where I was reminded of some simple, yet often forgotten, tips and tricks for maximizing leads and making the most out of every tradeshow experience: Continue reading →

All Content Marketers Need To See ‘The Lego Movie’

I’m not sure they actually  exist, but it’s entirely possible there are individuals out there who don’t like Legos. Still, Legos are awesome, and most people I would imagine agree.Lego_Color_Bricks

If you’ve not seen The Lego Movie, you’re missing out. In fact, it’s my humble opinion that the film should be required viewing for all content marketers.

Don’t worry, I won’t spoil the movie for you. Suffice it to say that it’s fantastic, it involves lots of Lego-related animation—from fight scenes to Batman to explosions—and it’s appropriate for viewers of all ages.

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