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Maxwell House Proves the Importance of Never Resting on One’s Laurels

Coffee lovers around the world are certainly familiar with Maxwell House, and though it’s not my personal favorite coffee—I’m looking at you, Peet’s—I’ve certainly gotten through many-a morning sipping it. Though a household name, Maxwell House decided to cut its advertising budget to $7.8 million last year, a substantial decrease from the $38.4 million the Kraft Foods-owned company spent in 2010.


But the company apparently learned a lesson quickly: In marketing, you can never rest on your laurels and must always strive to push the envelope and continue to be aggressive. Having seemingly learned its lesson, Maxwell House recently announced that it plans to spend between $20 million and $25 million on its marketing efforts this year. What’s more, the company has high hopes for its investment as it plans to “grow [the advertising budget] through growing sales, reinvesting it back in the business,” according to Chris McClement, senior director for Maxwell House.

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What Marketers Can Learn from the Wu-Tang Clan

Many of those who are familiar with the Wu-Tang Clan might not know much about what they are, but certainly know what they ain’t. But now, listeners can add the moniker “ingenious marketers” to the list of phrases that could be used to describe the hip hop collective.

WuTangClanThe New York City-based rap group recently announced that it will sell only one copy of its “secret album,” tentatively titled “The Wu—Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.” Before that copy ultimately ends up in the hands of a collector—who will either hoard the music or share it with the world—fans will be able to hit “tour dates” across the country and fork over $50 to hear the 128-minute album’s 31 tracks. Continue reading →

Let the Madness Begin: Have You Put Together Your Marketing Bracket?

shutterstock_178064603With a regular season record of 27-4—not to mention an undefeated streak of 25-0, despite a number of near upsets during that reign—there was no disputing what my husband and I (Syracuse alumni) would be doing at 6 pm this past Sunday night. Tuning into CBS to assess see how the Cuse’s recent spate of losses (don’t get me started on Friday night’s North Carolina State game) would affect Selection Sunday.

Sadly, our pitiful performance these past few games undoubtedly cost us a No. 1 seed. But since we will never stop bleeding Orange, bring it on Broncos.

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The Day in the Life of a Content Marketer

shutterstock_110537546Congratulations! You have officially entered the world of content marketing—a world rife with editorial calendars, social media platforms, inbound/outbound marketing campaigns, SEO metrics, demand generation… or have you? For starters, do you even know how to define “demand generation?” Do you even have a documented content strategy in place?

The reality is that while many top-level marketers claim to “walk the walk and talk the talk” when it comes to content marketing, a vast majority are merely only wading in the content marketing pool—rather than diving in head first. Need proof? While 93 percent of B2B marketers and 90 percent of B2C marketers are leveraging content marketing tactics, only 42 percent and 34 percent, respectively, feel their strategies are effective.

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Advertising on Facebook? You Might Want to Read This

With over one billion users of the social media network scattered across the globe, sensible marketers simply cannot afford to overlook Facebook. Rather, they must study the site’s metrics, how posts are read and other information related to user behavior to capitalize on the sheer number of users that could potentially be exposed to their brand.

Taking into consideration that 23 percent of Facebook users check the site at least five times a day and 47 percent say the social media network has the greatest impact on their purchasing behavior (up from 24 percent in 2011), marketers need to study precisely how the site works and try to understand it as well as they can. And that’s not an easy task, considering the site’s regularly changing algorithms, security measures and other features being added or augmented often.7749074364_0025778f82_o Continue reading →

Budweiser’s ‘Puppy Love’ Super Bowl Commercial Proves that Cute Animals Win Customers

I’ll say it: Super Bowl XLVIII was arguably the most boring championship game I’ve seen (although Game 7 of the 2004 ALCS was awful as well). But the good thing about the Super Bowl, no matter how disappointing the sport theatrics are, is the fact that we’re treated to the biggest marketing extravaganza of the year. In 2014, marketers spent $4 million for 30-second commercials.

And that’s just to buy the slots. It doesn’t include hiring talent like Scarlett Johannson, Bob Dylan and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Cumulatively, marketers might spend as much as $10 million on Super Bowl commercials. With that much cash on stake, it’s imperative that they invest the money wisely, creating as good an ad as possible in order to attract as many new prospective customers as they can. Continue reading →

Making Money in the Mobile App Market

4163909778_a07dd8e269_oMore than half of all adults in America own a smartphone these days, and more than one-third of them own a tablet. With these numbers in mind, it makes sense that the mobile app market is exploding. Depending on who you ask, experts predict that when all is said and done, there will be 56 to 82 billion downloads of apps in 2013. And that number could swell past 300 billion by 2016. Continue reading →

Don’t Lose Out on Post-Christmas Sales: Optimize for Mobile

It’s Christmas night. Your family has passed out from all of the excitement, your gifts have all been unwrapped and there is nothing left to do but sit down with the remaining cookies and watch Ralphie shoot his eye out in “A Christmas Story” for the 10 millionth time.

Boxing_Day_at_the_Toronto_Eaton_CentreHere is a better plan: put down the plate of cookies, turn off the television and think about whether your business is prepared to handle the legions of shoppers that will be looking for holiday sales in just a few hours. Next to Black Friday, the day after Christmas is one of the busiest days of the year for shoppers. In order to find the best sales, consumers will be performing searches via mobile devices as they browse at home on the sofa or out around town.

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A Superhero in the Real World

In addition to the wonderful food and immense cheer, this year’s office holiday party included a welcome surprise gift. Everyone here at Content Boost, and our parent company TMC, received a Chromecast, the new Google platform that allows users to enjoy online content on a television screen.


As soon as I opened the gift I realized I was quite familiar with the product through its television and YouTube commercials. Most commercials barely register with me, as I am typically either fast-forwarding through them on my DVR or half-listening from the kitchen as I microwave something to eat. The Chromecast commercial, however, stuck with me to the point that I recognized the device and remembered its function as soon as I saw the box.  Why you ask? Batman, of course.

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Ice Cream in December: Ben & Jerry’s Dominates Instagram—and Fans Love It

Right now, the majority of Americans are reaching for bowls of hot soup and putting on multiple layers of clothes in order to combat the cold winter air. But not me.

shutterstock_117202792Instead of trying to run away from winter, I like to embrace it by reaching for a bowl of ice cream—the colder the better. After all, winter only lasts for a few months and then everyone starts complaining about the heat again. So when I opened my Instagram news feed recently to see a picture of someone holding an ice cream cone up to a cloud, I was pleasantly surprised—and not at all annoyed about seeing an advertisement in my news feed.

Apparently a lot of other people felt the same way, too. After all, it’s hard to get upset about seeing a picture of an ice cream cone. As it turns out, Instagram’s decision to incorporate ads panned out quite nicely for the company. In fact, Ben & Jerry’s experienced a 20 percent spike in followers after the advertising initiative. Here are some other interesting statistics that emerged as well:

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