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Can You Afford An $18,400 Flight?

800px-380CHANGIMost of us don’t like forking over a couple hundred bucks for a plane ticket that will take us from New York to San Francisco. And save for people like Bill Gates, Leonardo DiCaprio or Derek Jeter, practically no one could imagine dropping $18,400 for a flight.

But that’s precisely what Derek Low, a Singapore-based entrepreneur, did in September 2014.

Well, sort of.

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Do You Really Read eNewsletters?

While I am a content marketer, I am also a consumer of dozens of products and services. I craft email marketing messages for clients during the day and at night filter through emails sent from retailers and services at night. So, as a consumer, I have a very important question to ask: Do you really read eNewsletters?

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Coca-Cola’s ‘Surge’ is Back From the Dead

Surge_Soda_CansNow, more than ever, your customers’ thoughts and desires are just a few clicks away. Whether they call your contact center, shoot you an email, or more likely, reach out to you on social media, it’s never been easier to know exactly what’s on the minds of your customers at any given time.

Most companies understand that, at the most granular level, they are in business to serve their customers. As such, it is important that they strive to deliver the precise products and services that they want. Continue reading →

Content Boost Lends a Helping Hand to Domus Kids Inc.

While it’s often difficult to find the time to step away from the daily business hustle, it’s important to give back to the community. At Content Boost, we’ve been searching for ways to do just that, and we couldn’t think of a better way than lending a helping hand to our community’s youth. Continue reading →

Employee Spotlight: Five Minutes with Content Producer, Brooke Neuman

shutterstock_142997941We often reminisce about the early days of Content Boost—in which a group of pioneer editors set out to feverishly grow the division. Content Producer Brooke Neuman was one of those pioneers. After working at TMC, CB’s parent company, as a copy editor, Brooke was cajoled (uh… bribed?) into becoming one of CB’s very first team members. Almost two years later, this veteran Content Producer has helped dozen of clients launch their content marketing strategies. Continue reading →

A Look Back at My First ITEXPO

My first instinct was to call this post, “Everything I learned at My First ITEXPO,” but I quickly realized that touching on all the information I took in during our trip to Las Vegas would likely require 10,000 words. (Quick reminder, Content Boost’s parent company TMC sponsors ITEXPO, a biannual trade show in Miami and Vegas each year.)

So rather than try to recap four whirlwind days, I figured I’d instead touch on some of the highlights. To help me better organize my thoughts—I’m still catching up on sleep—I broke my ITEXPO education into categories:



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ITEXPO West 2014: Explore the Exciting World of Content Marketing and Meet the Content Boost Team!

Viva content marketing! Well, something like that.

The Content Boost team is once again heading to Las Vegas for ITEXPO West 2014, TMC’s biannual business technology event and we couldn’t be more excited!

For those who are planning to attend, this year’s conference and tradeshow event is going to be an exciting one full of collaborative breakout sessions, keynote speeches from the industry’s foremost thought leaders, and a sprawling tradeshow floor filled with exhibitors that’s sure to create networking opportunities.


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Target and Home Depot among Brands Busted with Fake Followers: Lessons Every Content Marketer Should Know

Twitter2People enjoy following and engaging with their favorite brands on Twitter. And for us marketers, it’s part of the job to have Twitter open throughout the workday; it’s where we find inspiration for stories, content programs and engagement tactics. But what if you found out that you were among a sea of fake Twitter followers for a brand you personally love? And, even worse, what if you discovered that a brand you look towards as a leader for social media engagement was full of phony numbers? Continue reading →

Content Marketing Tips From Weird Al’s Grammatically Correct Comeback

Musician-parodist Weird Al Yankovic is back, and this time he’s telling everybody to shut up—that is, unless you know how to conjugate.

From the man who brought us hit parodies including “Eat It” and “White & Nerdy” comes a new song titled “Word Crimes” which takes aim at the world’s grammar issues. From possessives to contractions to the Oxford comma, Yankovic brings every grammar rule to the table in an almost four-minute video. And between differentiating irony and coincidence to defining what is figurative and literal, he also touches upon blogging and content creation.

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Treat Your Blog as You Would Treat Your Spouse: Be Patient, Loving and Adventurous

shutterstock_179239919I guess I am still in the newlywed phase, as the romance Gods would call it: I am a bit shy of my one-year wedding anniversary with my hubby; we still gleefully cook dinner every night instead of reverting to takeout; we enjoy touching base all day long, even if it’s just to say “thinking of you”; and we genuinely enjoy being in each other’s company. We put our relationship first. We understand that a healthy, sustainable relationship takes work, patience, love and communication and that it’s something you have to actively work on each and every day.

So what does my newlywed bliss have to do with your marketing strategy, you may be asking? Well lots, if you think about it. Whether you just launched your blog platform yesterday, two years ago, or five years ago, my wish for you is that you are still in your newlywed period. I hope that you are not busy cursing your blogging platform and all that comes with it—editorial calendars, tagging, posting, categorizing, etc.—to the high heavens.

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