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Is There Enough Time To Start A Content Strategy in 2015?

We’re just days away from some of the biggest shopping events of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday—the two days which officially kick off the holiday season. Many marketers are therefore scrambling for last minute ideas to promote their businesses and gain a leg up on the competition before swarms of shoppers hit retail and online stores in search of deals.

clock-147257_640It’s around this time of the year when marketers tend to turn to content marketing to either resurrect their sluggish online presences, or start building one from scratch. The question is: Is there enough time left in 2015 to start a content marketing strategy?

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Target’s “OCD” Holiday Sweater Stirs Up Controversy

If there is one thing people love about the holidays, it’s ugly sweater parties (or maybe that’s just me). And, over the years, Target has met consumers’ unfashionable, but festive, demands by selling “ugly” sweaters throughout this time of the year.

These swoooopps2eaters are usually a big hit amongst holiday shoppers, but this year one sweater‘s message is creating chaos on social media.

The controversial sweater reads “OCD Obsessive Christmas Disorder,” and it’s generating a storm of backlash on Twitter. This is because the message seems to blatantly trivialize mental illness, specifically Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

For example, one angry individual responded on Twitter by saying “Hey @Target this sweater isn’t cute or funny. OCD is a serious mental illness that shouldn’t be mocked.”

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A Second Look At Content Marketing During ITEXPO West 2015

SAY YESAfter the first content marketing session of ITEXPO West 2015 audience members had many questions for our director here at Content Boost—and presenter— Allison Boccamazzo, including the best way to incorporate and manage social media in your content marketing strategy and how to best tell your brand’s story through platforms such as Twitter. Continue reading →

Three Quick Insights From CMI’s Latest B2B Benchmark Study

In the content marketing industry, there is no greater treasure trove of information than the Content Marketing Institute (CMI). That’s why content marketers all over the country were anxiously awaiting to dig into the 2016 benchmark studies from CMI as we head into the final quarter of 2015. As of this week, the wait is over as CMI has officially released their “B2B Content Marketing 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends – North America” study.

So, without further delay, we wanted to dive headfirst into this compilation of marketing statistics and give our readers three quick insights:

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Follow in DeNiro’s Footsteps! But Think ‘Intern,’ not ‘Actor’

Not that we’d mind a 70-year-old intern here at Content Boost, but we think Robert DeNiro probably has better things to do—like star in “The Intern,” a Nancy Meyers’ film production released this past weekend. While we haven’t yet had a senior citizen approach us for an internship, we welcome all takers who have a strong work ethic and an ambition to craft quality content.

Our summer interns ended their time with us just a short while ago, and we’re fresh on the hunt this fall for new quality replacements that can start immediately.

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Yee-haw! A Successful Return from Dallas Editor’s Day

Anybody who knows me will verify that I’m a huge people person. I love to shoot the breeze, ask questions and learn more about the person I’m talking with; perhaps that’s due to my journalistic nature.

This is why I love attending Editor’s Day, an event hosted frequently by Technology Marketing Corporation that invites a number of organizations to sit down with us and talk about their brand stories, their core competencies and what they’re doing in their niche marketplaces. Almost a year ago we were in Boston for Editor’s Day, speaking with companies located in the New England area. Last week we were in Dallas, where we were met by dozens of companies eager to discuss the latest with us. Continue reading →

Introducing the Official Content Marketing Agency of the Dave Rothenberg Show

Being a resident of Fairfield County has its perks. There are some beautiful beaches, a rich colonial culture and of course an endless list of great dining options. And, as I found out yesterday, even the daily bumper-to-bumper traffic on the I-95 corridor between Norwalk and Bridgeport comes with a silver lining.

As I sat in crippling traffic, wondering what life would be like while navigating rush hour in an automatic vehicle, I tuned into rothenbergmy favorite sports talk station, 98.7 ESPN radio. Although I was a little annoyed with ESPN New York for seemingly overlooking the Jets’ 31-10 week 1 victory over the Cleveland Browns—instead opting to dissect Eli Manning 4th quarter brain cramp—I was pleased to find I had caught the Dave Rothenberg Show.

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Taking A Fall For Your Brand: A Lesson From NYFW 2015

NYFWListening to the Elvis Duran Show on my drive in to work this morning, a specific segment caught my attention. A high fashion runway model called in and gave the hosts and their listeners an inside view of what happened during this year’s New York Fashion Week (NYFW).

I learned that fashion designers are willing to do whatever it takes to raise brand awareness, even if that includes taking a stage dive.

The runway model divulged to the radio hosts that some fashion designers ask their models to deliberately take a spill on the runway with the hopes that audience members and media personnel will catch the embarrassing moments on film. The designers then assume that these videos of models flubbing up on the catwalk will go viral on channels such as You Tube and Twitter and will, in turn, raise more awareness for the designer’s brand.

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Content Marketing and Craft Breweries: A Match Made in Beer Heaven

I can still remember the moment I fell in love with craft beer and, believe it or not, it had nothing to do with the taste, color or aroma of these hop-filled brews.

I had just turned 21 and was flying out to visit my sister who now lives in Boulder, Colorado, which is home of some of the country’s best tasting, and most successful craft beers.shutterstock_81784003

Yes, Colorado has a lot more to offer than that fizzy yellow water that Coors attempts to pass off as beer.

Having been out to Colorado once before turning 21, I was excited to return over the Thanksgiving holiday and tour some of the local breweries such as Avery Brewing Co. (before they moved into their massive new location). In fact, Avery was the first brewery I ever toured and it was the place where I learned that craft brewing is far more about culture, love and passion than it is about making a great beer (but it’s a lot about that, too).

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Left Brain versus Right Brain: For Content Marketers it’s a Matter of “And” Not “Or”

I’m sure at some point in your life you’ve heard someone label you (or perhaps you labeled yourself) either “right brained” or “left brained.” But I say, why do you have to be just one? In fact, as a content marketer, I know that I cannot afford to fall into the trap of exclusively thinking either one way or another. Instead, content marketers must extract valuable qualities associated with each side of the brain and integrate them to produce a well-rounded content creation strategy.

So, let’s refresh our memories about which characteristics are associated with each side of the brain. “Left brained” thinkers are usually analytical, literal and organized while “right brained” thinkers are dreamers, emotional and creative. But, the best marketers are analytical and creative; here’s a better look at how they use each side of the brain to create the most effective range of content:


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