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More Blog Traffic Might Be Sitting Right Under Your Nose

If you’ve ever maintained or contributed to a blog, you know how difficult it can be to grow your readership. Perhaps you are even familiar with the daily ritual of logging into your blog platform to check on your visit and click numbers, hoping against hope to see an uptick. TrafficUnfortunately, no magic formula for a successful blog strategy exists, but you do have options at your disposal that increase your chances.

What may surprise you about these tips and tricks is that they don’t require much time or effort. In fact, they may actually be strategies you already know to be effective but have neglected recently because you’ve been sidetracked by other tasks. If you are making a push to boost your blog numbers, consider implementing these fool-proof tactics:

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Got Nothing to Write About? Take Inspiration from Social Media

stressed-outAh, the life of a content marketer. Day in and day out, you’re tasked with coming up with new, engaging ideas that are meant to “wow” readers. But every now and then, you’re hit with bloggers block—a very serious, debilitating disease that attacks the minds of marketers and causes them to stare blankly at their screens for hours. Symptoms include severe mood swings, redness in the face, irritability and dizziness.

So what does the marketing doctor recommend? A healthy dose of social media. Continue reading →

Does Your Blog Stand Out from the Rest?

Imagine your blog were to walk into a crowded networking event. Would it be the center of attention and walk away with 50 new business contacts? Or would it hang out by the cookies trying to blend into the scenery?

silhouettes-76784_640In the overcrowded world of online content, it takes a lot to stand out and become known as a go-to source for educational and industry information. Consider the fact that WordPress users publish 347 new blog posts every minute. In that same amount of time, Google users enter over 2 million search queries. And Facebook users share about 684, 478 pieces of content. Continue reading →

If Your Blog Were a Refrigerator, What Would it Look Like?

Pouring mustard onto your hot dog should be one of the easiest things in life. Unfortunately, as “Good Eats” host Alton Brown pointed out in a recent YouTube post, it’s often a terrible process. Condiments tend to coagulate in the bottle, which makes it exhausting to squeeze them out. And since the bottles are bulky by design, storing them in a refrigerator rack is difficult, awkward and messy.

But as Brown proved, there is an easier way to organize your favorite condiments. By simply cutting off the top of an egg carton and storing the bottles top-down, you can solve both problems at once. All of the bottles can be kept in one place, and all of the liquid sits near the top which means easy access.

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If Jack White can Produce an Album in One Day, You can Get Your Blog Moving Too

Fans of Grammy award-winning artist Jack White certainly know the man is prolific. White, who burst onto the music scene as the guitarist for the White Stripes back in 1999, is also known for his work with the Raconteurs and the Dead Weather. Now, White is launching a solo music career as well—and he is out to prove something else in the process: his creative speed.

Jack_White_OttawaOn April 19, White will attempt to set the world record for the fastest recorded album ever. Sources indicate that White plans to record and release the title track of his album all in one day. In order to accomplish this, the song will be performed and transferred directly to acetate right in his Nashville, Tenn. studio, Third Man Records. Then, the tapes will be immediately sent down the road to United Record Pressing where they will be turned into 45s. The records will then be rushed back and will go on sale later in the day at Third Man.

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How to Build Your Content Marketing A-Team

blog pictureAssembling a department of workhorses who bring out the best in each other—and possess an uncanny ability to work cohesively as well as independently—is certainly no small feat. But those are exactly the ingredients you need to create your content marketing A-Team because anything less will be of grave disservice to your brand and its messaging. So how do you even begin putting together your industry-leading content marketing team? By making sure you have the following team members on board:

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Do Your Customers Have Abandonment Issues?

abdandonI once followed a blog religiously, checking it every day for fresh content. At first it was great; every afternoon I would check the blog for my daily dose of content, but then something awful happened. It was a typical day around noon when I normally checked by beloved blog, but this time there wasn’t a new post. I chocked it up to a one-time thing, but when I checked the next day and the next day—nothing new. I suddenly felt abandoned.  Did this person forget about me, why weren’t they posting? Continue reading →

Does Your Content Marketing Strategy Have the Edge?

summerSummer is almost over. There, I said it. I know it’s not what you wanted to hear this morning, but it’s the truth. So, what does this mean for you as a marketer? That you are running out of time to give that necessary push to your content marketing strategy for 2013.

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When it Comes to Posting, Timing is Everything

time You’ve spent all afternoon hunched over your laptop creating “the greatest blog ever written,” but suddenly you realize that it’s 5 pm. Your eager to post your blog, but you’re not sure whether or not it’s the right time. Will it get lost in the cyber shuffle overnight? Can it wait till morning?

Maintaining an accurate posting schedule and learning when your audience is tuned in is the key to engagement success. After all, what good does it do if your audience never reads your emails, tweets, posts, or blogs?

With 347 new blogs posts, 684,478 Facebook shares, 100,000 tweets, 204,166,667 emails and 3,600 Instagram photos posted every minute, it’s not easy to get noticed. However, research shows that there is a right time and a wrong time to post.

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Are Your Customers as Loyal as You Think?

This might sound odd to say as a writer, but I absolutely love television. While I can certainly spend hours poring through the next great best-seller—particularly when it comes from Jodi Picoult—there is nothing quite like plopping down on the couch after a hellacious work day and enjoying a guilty pleasure on TV.

And when someone messes with this part of my day, simply put… I don’t do well.

Let me paint you a picture of last Wednesday. While many were out celebrating the 3rd of July—apparently that is becoming an even bigger holiday than the 4th of July—I was very much looking forward to catching up on my DVR and explaining to my fiancé why “The Bachelorette” is not, in fact, scripted. Yup; I’m one of those.

blog picBut instead of showing me Desiree’s romantic date with Drew, all I saw was a bright blue screen.  No cable. No DVR. No way to escape. My patience had been pushed, especially since this was the umpteenth time in the past few weeks that our cable box wouldn’t turn on.  So I did what any normal person does on the 3rd of July; I spent my night with my cable provider’s call center.

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