I’m Supposed to Look at Playboy for the Articles Now?

playboy-42527_1280What happens to a business when its preeminent product becomes passe? Just ask Playboy founder and editor-in-chief Hugh Hefner. The 90-year-old magazine magnate agreed to stop publishing images of naked women—Playboy’s claim to fame—with the March 2016 issue of the 62-year-old publication, which debuted in 1953 with Marilyn Monroe on the cover.

What caused Hef to change his tune? As the Internet evolved and pornographic images became freely available, the magazine known the world over for its provocative photos was forced to undergo a redesign. The content was simply no longer relevant, having lost out to the Web in shock value, commercial value and cultural significance. Continue reading “I’m Supposed to Look at Playboy for the Articles Now?”

The Sad Plight of the New York Mets

On the mantle in my parents’ living room there is a picture of me at a Mets game, five years old eating ice cream out of a plastic helmet and loving life. Without giving away my exact age, that means I have been a Mets fan for about 25 years.

As any Mets fan knows, the team has its fair share of great moments that are inevitably followed by soul-crushing disappointments. But lately, the Mets have had greater problems than anything that’s happened on the field. Starting with the revelations that Mets ownership had invested with Bernie Madoff the franchise has suffered one embarrassment after another over the past five years.


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No Such Thing as Bad Publicity? We Beg to Differ

When marketers say that there is no such thing as bad publicity, what they actually mean is that if nobody is talking about your brand, you are in serious trouble. While that is undoubtedly true, all you have to do is take a look at recent news to understand that negative exposure can seriously damage a brand’s image and have a major impact on its finances, customer satisfaction levels and public credibility:

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This Winter, Grow Your Farm’s Brand Image with Content Marketing

Right now, farmers across the country are holed up inside preparing tillage equipment, sprayers and planters for the spring growing season. But with the downtime of winter, it’s the perfect time for farm managers to sit back and think about another topic that will be vital to success once it’s time to get back outside in the soil: brand image.


According to owner of Innovus Agra LLC Brett Oelke, brand image will have a direct impact on one of the most important factors of running a successful farm operation: your bottom line.

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