Three Reasons Your Boss Will Say ‘Yes’ to Content Marketing

shutterstock_135869045We feel for you, we do. It can be incredibly daunting to walk down the hall to the office to ask your boss to trust you when you say that your company needs to start a new initiative, head down another path, or launch a new product. You will undoubtedly be asked countless questions to figure out if your “gamble” is worth the bet and you will unequivocally be second guessing your proposal as the questions get fired.

But, if your idea is content marketing, hold your ground because here are three reasons your boss will say yes:

1. Your competitors are already doing it.

There is nothing worse than playing catch up… especially when it comes to business.  But facts are facts and the content marketing ones don’t lie. Here’s an impressive one: 91 percent of B2B marketers are already leveraging content marketing to bolster their corporate identities. Continue reading “Three Reasons Your Boss Will Say ‘Yes’ to Content Marketing”