Is It Time for a Company Rebrand?

shutterstock_244951162I’ve been asked by a lot of our clients recently, “Will a rebrand hurt our corporate image?” It’s an interesting question. After all, it seems like for years, we as marketers had to convince the powers that be within our organizations to worry about things like website layouts, logos and company slogans. We finally won and, as a result, many of us vowed we would never go down that rocky path again. But now suddenly we are realizing that oftentimes as our brands pivot in terms of strategic direction and positioning, our branding efforts have to shift as well. And sometimes a corporate rebrand is necessary.

So my answer to you is, “No, a rebrand will not hurt your corporate image… so long as you do it right.”

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What Happens When Marketers Rebuff Social Media…

I love when I am in the presence of a business executive who scoffs at the notion of incorporating social media into his/her corporate strategy.

“Social media is for teenagers,” they often say, convinced that the social networking world is full of narcissistic Generation Y-ers and Z-ers tweeting, Facebooking, pinning and Instagramming every inane sentiment, picture and fad.

You can imagine how their jaws drop when we at Content Boost inform these social media naysayers that in 2012, the average Facebook user was 41 years old, up from 38 years old in 2010. Moreover, in 2012, more than 65 percent of Facebook users were 35 plus years old.

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