What Marketers Can Learn From Food Blogs

blogpictureOn the nights when I don’t have plans with friends, I find myself searching for new food recipes online to make for my family. I’m no Top Chef, but I know my way around the kitchen. While reading my favorite food blog “Not Without Salt,” I got thinking: marketers can learn a lot from food blogs. Not only are they instructional, informative and easy to read, but they’re entertaining and engaging— all things that we as marketers should keep in mind while blogging.

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Need Content Marketing Inspiration? Look Around You

shutterstock_161159720As a marketer, we search for inspiration any place we can find it—at our daughter’s dance recital, on the train commuting to work, in line at CVS waiting to check out… the world is full of marketing inspiration. And it often comes when we least expect it.

We are officially at the halfway point of the year, meaning exhaustion and creative blockages are at an all-time high. You may be out of ideas for your blogging platform; you may be struggling with the motivation to finish that white paper; and you may be fearful that your innovation engine is starting to run on empty. So what’s a marketer to do? It’s time to learn from your surroundings. And here’s how to do it:

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Three Reasons Your Marketing Employees Need to be Smarter than You

customertileSome of the most influential entrepreneurs and business tycoons out there—think Steve Jobs, Thomas John Watson, Sr., and David Oglivy—have revealed the secret to their success: Staff your company with employees who are smarter than you. Be comfortable being the “dumbest” person in the conference room. Don’t be afraid of that powerhouse employee who encourages you to challenge the status quo and redefine existing business practices.

Never hire someone who knows less than you do about what he’s hired to do,” contends Malcolm Forbes, former publisher of Forbes.

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Are the Right People in the Room for Your Content Marketing Pitch?

blog picIt might have just been minutes before Content Marketing World keynoter William Shatner took the stage to round out the three-day event, but one overarching message that Cisco’s Senior Marketing Manager Tim Washer shared with a packed room during his breakout really stuck. He advised marketers to make sure you have the right people in the room during creative meetings—and to keep naysayers out of initial brainstorming sessions. Continue reading “Are the Right People in the Room for Your Content Marketing Pitch?”

See You at Content Marketing World!

I’ve definitely caught the Content Marketing World bug. 10,000 miles above ground on the way to Cleveland for the content marketing event of the year, I can’t help but smile and think about all the awe-inspiring speeches I will hear later today—from actor and author William Shatner to Coca-Cola’s Global Creative Vision Manager Jonathan Mildenhall (you all know how I feel about Coke!) to the Hershey Company’s Senior Manager Martin Baker.

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Content Marketing: Your Biggest No-Brainer this Month

Oftentimes, the best decisions we make are those that we don’t over-think but, rather, those that just feel innately right to us.

Maybe for you it was affirming to not come to work on a Monday and instead setting out on a six-month European adventure—a journey about discovery, reflection and passion.

shutterstock_76265521Or perhaps it was when you chose to uproot your life and move to San Francisco, one of the hottest technology areas, saying goodbye to your decades-long career as legal counsel at a massive retail company and hello to your new CTO position at the technology company of your dreams. Continue reading “Content Marketing: Your Biggest No-Brainer this Month”

The Imminent Ubiquity of Content Marketing: What Happens Next?

Content Marketing Institute Founder Joe Pulizzi explores a really interesting question in one of his more recent blog posts: Once all brands have started embracing content marketing, what happens next?

Ah, the great old question of what comes next.

We certainly all asked it a few decades ago when the world was first introduced to the mobile phone. And while bulky and hefty, we quickly watched as it paved the way for the dominance of smartphones, apps and the BYOD revolution. Fast forward to today and the competition for your consumer-ready hands is fierce.

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Are You Just Waking Up to Content Marketing?

In Washington Irving’s classic tale Rip Van Winkle, a young man leaves his home along the Hudson River for a sojourn into the Catskill Mountains where he encounters a group of strange, bearded men. As the story goes, Rip proceeds to drink their liquor, and soon falls into a deep slumber.

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Feeling Hungry? The Importance of Visual Stimulation

Driving to work last Friday, I noticed I received an e-mail on my cell. So I waited until I got to a stop light and checked it (yes, safety is important!). It was an e-mail from our office manager telling us that breakfast was coming soon. Yup, we get breakfast on Friday’s. I completely had forgotten it was Friday!

My Jeep suddenly drove a bit faster to work than normal. All sorts of physiological things started happening. My pupils dilated, my tummy growled, and the grip on my steering wheel tightened. My mind played tricks on me as I started to smell the combination of the sizzling bacon, blanketed by a yummy egg and topped off with melted cheese. I could taste the cool rainbow of fresh fruit salad, and felt all warm inside as I envisioned the smiles and brief morning cheer of my coworkers in the common area.

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