Three Content Marketing Questions to Ask Yourself Before 2014

shutterstock_160206998I don’t know about you, but I gave up on the whole New Year’s resolution thing awhile ago. It’s not that I wasn’t keeping my resolutions; it was that I found it much more impactful to do a self-reflection at the end of every year and think more thematically about the type of person I want to be as opposed to one or two things to tackle for the upcoming year. After all, it feels silly to say things like “I will eat more spinach in 2014” and more aspiring to say “I will be a more health-conscious.”

The end of the year is not only an opportune time for you to personally reflect on areas you would like to improve upon, but it’s also a critical time to encourage your business to ask those ever-important questions. As a marketer, there are a multitude of strategies and tactics you can implement in 2014, so to help you navigate your best course, here are a couple of key questions to get you started: Continue reading “Three Content Marketing Questions to Ask Yourself Before 2014”