Overarching Theme at Inbound Marketing Summit 2014: Content is the Future

20141112_150001When I first heard of the Inbound Marketing Summit, designed for content marketing visionaries and evangelists like myself who love to convene, share, collaborate and learn, I was all in. As the Boston-hosted event neared and the agenda was posted, I was particularly intrigued with how intimate the event appeared to be.

As someone who attends a fair amount of trade shows, I am used to darting feverishly between track sessions, networking on massive trade show floors and finding the most comfortable pair of flats I can locate to survive the miles of walking. So you can imagine my curiosity when I discovered this show had zero tracks and was being held in a historic castle. But, I have to say, it was a nice change of pace.

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ITEXPO 2014 Editor’s Day: Brand Strategy at its Best

shutterstock_161159720We are just a few hours into ITEXPO 2014 in sunny Miami Beach and the energy and electricity here at the convention center is truly palpable. Attendees are starting to pour in for a number of conference events; TMC staffers are running around putting the finishing touches in place for what will be another bleeding-edge technology event; and dozens upon dozens of C-suite officials and leading company executives are making their way to the convention center to participate in Editor’s Day.

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Are You Boring Your Prospects with Incessant ‘Gabbing?’

shutterstock_131742977I can’t tell you how many times I have been on the trade show floor, migrating from booth to booth, searching for the one company that will really pull at my heart strings. The one that will stop gabbing for even one minute to figure out why I actually stopped by their booth. The one that understands that each prospective customer wants to be talked with, not at.

But it seems that so many exhibitors are all the same. Making a beeline for each and every booth visitor so they can give their 15-minute pitch, barely pausing to take a breath to see if they have lost totally lost the prospective customer. And, I can’t say that I entirely blame them. Continue reading “Are You Boring Your Prospects with Incessant ‘Gabbing?’”